Gizmo is a character in Shadow Fight 3, met in Chapter I: Legion. He is a member of Shadow Squad, a squad in the Legion who uses Shadow Energy in their mission. Gizmo appears as the trainer for the player, which is a new recruit of Shadow Squad. Later, he is fought as a boss.


Gizmo, along with Sarge, welcomes the player into the Shadow Squad. He trains the player to be a fighter.

After the invasion led by Deng Rao, Sarge decides to get the Shadow Sphere to gain the upper hands against Dynasty. Sarge leads the player and June to a false track; He sends Gizmo to the outskirt of Dynasty and then tell them that he ordered him to retrieve the Sphere.

The player and June reaches the Dynasty to catch up with Gizmo before he finds the Sphere. When they finds him, Gizmo announces that he is a rich man since he sold his Shadow energy. He further boasts that he can beat the player with his bare hands. But, even with his better gears and moves compared to the player, he is defeated.

Gizmo then reveals that he know nothing about the Sphere. He is just here to having fun, Sarge is the one that trying to get the Sphere.

During an invasion of Legion, Gizmo somehow blames the player to his older sister, Greta for losing at the abandoned village that day, which led her to avenge his brother but got defeated as well.

Boss FightEdit

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Gizmo is fought as the second boss of Chapter I. He fights with the Legion fighting style, wields a Battle Sword as his weapon, and utilizes two exclusive abilities and three perks. The fight can consist up to five rounds, and the players must win three rounds in order to win.

Initially, he uses a Two-handed Sword. Getting hit by his weapon will stun the player. After the player is stunned, Gizmo will abandon his weapon by stabbing it into the ground and fight the rest of the fight bare-handed.

Quotes Edit

  • Ready to fight? My name is Gizmo, and I'm here to test you. - Before fighting.
  • Gizmo can train day and night! And you, boy, stand still and block my hits. - When he fights with the player for the first time.
  • You were always better than me and it really pissed me off! - Being defeated by him for the first time.
  • The Sphere? Sarge only told me to wait for you. He'll be going after it in person. With some new squad... I don't know. - After the player defeats him.
  • I only wanted to make fun and kick some asses. Yours in particular. After the player defeats him.


  • Gizmo has an older sister named Greta. She appears in Chapter II as a minor character.