Fungus is the third Eternal encountered in Underworld, the multiplayer mode of Shadow Fight 2. He is one of the four bosses encountered in the first floor along with Volcano, Megalith, and Vortex. He has a shield of 11,100 points which has to be destroyed in 12 minutes and 40 seconds by seven players before they can finish him.

The players can obtain the keys to fight him by defeating Megalith or from different raid rewards (season end, quests, etc.). If the players do not have any Fungus keys, they can buy one key for 30 gems.

Compared to other Eternals, Fungus' attacks are slower. But, his attack range is fairly high and he can easily deal high damage with his attacks. He is immune to the Stun enchantment.


In order to challenge Fungus, players require:

  • Key2

Perk Edit

  • Earthquake

Fungus can stomp the ground to cause a devastating quake that can damage much if players are on the ground, causing them to take damage and fall. It is counted as a magic attack, therefore does not deal head hit or critical damage.

Rewards Edit

Defeating Fungus will reward the players with Vortex Key. They may receive additional rewards such as small or medium-sized Charges of Darkness or a Volcano Key, and players in the first place will receive 10 Coins of Love (in the current 2018 Valentine event). Players have a chance to receive one of the rewards listed below.

1st PlaceEdit

2nd-7th PlaceEdit

Quotes Edit

  • You have poisoned the land, and now my mushrooms are dying. They shall absorb your mind, and we shall all be one, human. That will be the end of your story! - Challenging the players
  • Begone! And revel in the last minutes of your fragile lives! - If the players fail to destroy his shield.
  • My brethren have forgotten themselves playing gods. Worship makes them soft. But destruction is humanity's nature; the world will be better without you. - Upon defeat
  • I woke up entangled in cobweb! Those eight-legged vermin are everywhere! - Halloween update.


Trivia Edit

  • After Butcher, Fungus is the second boss to use the Earthquake perk.