Freeze is 2016's special Christmas Raid-Boss, encountered on the first floor of the Underworld. He has a shield of 25,017 points which must be destroyed in 16 minutes by 8 players before they can finish him.

He wields the Ringing Spruce Whirl as his weapon. He also has the Earthquake perk, just like the bosses Butcher and Fungus.

After defeating Freeze, the player in the first place will receive some Charges of Darkness and a random item from the Christmas Set. The items can be any one of the following:

1. Ringing Spruce Whirl (Weapon)

2. Candy Rage (Weapon)

3. Winter Breath Jacket (Armor)

4. Frost Beard (Helm)

5. Christmas Trophy (Helm)

6. Gingerbread Surprises (Ranged Weapon)

7. Shard of Eternal Ice (Magic)

First Appearance Edit

When the game is updated and content is downloaded, when the player accesses the underworld, the eternals start to complain about the freezing, cold, temperature. After they complain, Freeze breaks in the conversation and makes his first appearance.


In order to challenge Freeze, players require:

  • Key1617

Possible rules:Edit

  • Hidden Healthbar
  • Hot Ground (12 seconds)
  • Inverted Movements
  • No Blocks
  • No Double Strikes
  • No Kicks
  • Your Health Regenerates

Perks and Enchantments:Edit

  • Earthquake

Freeze can cause a devastating quake by stomping on the ground, which causes a lot of damage if the player failed to dodge it. It is counted as a magic attack, therefore does not deal head hit or critical damage.

  • Cobra IconCobra

A chance that during first 3 seconds of a round Freeze's First Strike would reduce players' health by 20%.

  • Block Breaker IconBlockBreaker

A chance to bypass players' block.

  • Magic RechargeEnchantmentMagicRecharge

Freeze's Weapon, Armor, and Helm is enchanted with Magic Recharge, this will allow him to recharge his magic by 300% after dealing hits and by 700% after getting hit.

  • StunEnchantmentStun

Freeze's Ranged Weapon is enchanted with Stun, this will allow him to stun the player for 5 seconds after a succesful hits.

  • BleedingEnchantmentBleeding

Freeze's Magics is enchanted with Bleeding, this will cause the player to lose 3,4% health per second over 5 seconds after being hit.


"There was an old man with a sack full of gifts - I was knocking myself out making toys for him. Then guess what? The dotard was just giving them out for free!" (Freeze's first words)

"I have nothing for you but the White Mist! As for the old man... he would’ve appreciated my loyalty to the cause if he could escape his captivity in the ice!"(Freeze reveals his nefarious plans)

"Stop, stop! I give up, all right? Take your gifts. Celebrate your heads off. But please, show me the way out of here!"(Freeze defeated)

"I don’t expect to be punished by the old man. Quite the contrary: he’ll smile, hug me, and forgive! He's just... putting the freeze on everything that I do!"(if the player is defeated)


  • He is the second special event boss to be fought in the online multiplayer mode, the first being Morgana.
  • He is the only enemy in the whole game that can use two magic in one round; Shard of Eternal Ice and Ice Pillar.
  • The numbers 25 and 017 on his shield refer to the date of Christmas and the coming year succeeding 2016, that is 2017.