Force Wave is a magic in Shadow Fight 2. It is the first magic available in the Interlude, unlocked at level 38. It is used by the Demon Lynx during Interlude and later fights. It is also used by some fighters during Interlude and by the ghost Harpy from Act VII: Chapter 2.

Description Edit

Character swings one hand forward while launching an air wave to the enemy. The wave travels horizontally at a moderate speed. It deals 45 damage when it hit. The magic can be dodged by rolling, duck, or jump.


Trivia Edit

  • Compared to any thrown magics, Force Wave's magic deployment is one of the fastest in the game.
  • Unlike most magics from the shop, Force Wave is rarely used by enemies.
  • The Eternal Fatum uses a dark version of Force Wave. It functions exactly the same as the regular Force Wave.