Force Ray
Magic death ray
No Enchantment
Star44 Shop
Base Stats
Weapon attack1138 Critical chanceN/A
Credit 44 Ruby 31
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby 79 Weapon attack+7
Regular Upgrade
Ruby 9 Weapon attack+6
Force Ray is a magic in Shadow Fight 2. It is unlocked at level 44 in Chapter 1 of Act VII: Revelation. Force Ray is used by some fighters in Act VII and by the Halloween 2106 challenger, Morgana.

Description Edit

The user performs a physical signal, and shortly afterwards a thick purple beam of energy descends from the sky, over the target. If it strikes successfully, the enemy is left stunned or winded for a very brief duration and will be unable to move for this time. It can be easily dodged but if the hit succeeds, the enemy will be knocked down for a very short period of time.

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