Flame Clubs are a weapon from Act VII: Chapter 3 in Shadow Fight 2. They are the last weapon unlocked in the game, unlocked at level 52. Unique in their usage, their heavy slash and super slash causes flames to errupt from the tips of the clubs. They are used by a Scavenger and by the ghost Wraith.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Batons Slash: The character bends forward and swings a club downward.
  • Batons Double Slash: The character bends forward, swings a club downward, then swings the other club horizontally.
  • Flame Clubs Heavy Slash: The character leaps forward and swings a club downward, with a flame errupting from the club.
  • Flame Clubs Super Slash: The character steps forward while swinging a club with flame on its tips downward, then steps forward, kneels, and jabs both clubs forward, blasting flames from the clubs. The flame blast ignore blocks.
  • Flame Clubs Spinning Slash: The character pivots on one foot as they charging forward and jabs a club forward.
  • Batons Upper Slash: The character bends forward and swings a club upward.
  • Batons Low Slash: The character bends forward and swings a club horizontally at a downward angle.
Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Batons Stance Start of Fight
Batons Slash 8Base damage Punch
Batons Double Slash 8Base damage
10Base damage
Punch, Punch
Flame Clubs Heavy Slash 10Base damage Forward+Punch
Flame Clubs Super Slash 12Base damage
11Base damage
13Base damage
Forward+Punch, Punch
Flame Clubs Spinning Slash 12Base damage Backward+Punch
Batons Upper Slash 12Base damage Up+Punch
Batons Low Slash 13Base damage Down+Punch


  • They look like a flame thrower gun with the container to store gas connected close to the handle.