Fisher is the fourth challenger that appears in Shadow Fight 2. He challenges the players when they reach level 20-23 in Act IV: Pirate Throne. He reveals that he has been fighting pirates for a long time. Upon losing, he rewards the player with his staff - the Wanderer's Staff . If, however, the players lose then they can either:

  • Leave
  • Retry by giving +3 gems for each retry (with a maximum of 30 gems, after 11th try it will always cost 30 gems)


  • WeaknessEnchantmentWeakness

Fisher's Staff is enchanted with Weakness, giving a chance to weaken the players' melee attacks by 75% for 5 seconds after a successful hit.


  • Screw you all and all your brawls! I am a peaceful man. I want no part in your war! Just let me live and work in peace! -  Fisher's first words
  • I've been fighting off those bloodsuckers for ages! If I'm not lucky today, you'll have the dearest thing I own: my spear. - Challenging the player
  • So you are not one of the pirates? Sorry, son. Go in peace then. - Challenge rejected
  • Let's offer the old man some money and ask him to fight once again. We could use his spear, and he could use several coins to escape from this hole of a port. - Rematch offer
  • I'll take your money, fine, but don't think I'll make it easy this time! I am a man of principle! - Rematch
  • It's better if you take his weapon and let him go. Wasp's men would hardly be that kind to him. - Rematch rejected
  • You'll make better use of this spear than me, son. I should keep to my fishing rod. And you,  I trust that you will go and put an end to this carnage. - After defeating him


  • Fisher refers to his staff as spear in the dialogue.
  • Wanderer's Staff resembles a Khakkhara, a Buddhist ringed staff used primarily in prayer or as a weapon. It is also known as monk staff or Shakujō in japan.