Like many fight games there is many diffrent terms used in Shadow Fight 2, during the fight.

Styles Edit

Main article: Fight Styles

Fights in Shadow Fight 2 allow players to enhance their fight abilities through Styles. They describe how well players are doing in a round during fight and in turn help in a doing better in the fight.Players start on Passive and can progress through Styles by utilising different moves and techniques to cause damage to the opponent. Each successful unrepeated attack helps in filling up the Style Bar by a small amount. However, if hits are blocked for a long time or result from the same moves repeatedly the Style Bar progress will decrease. The Styles are:

  1. Passive: All rounds begin at this Style and then progress to higher Styles. It is indicated with the white color and the game does not name it below the Style bar unlike others but it does display it during Fight Bonus at the Style-reached.
  2. Hard: It is depicted with a Yellow color.
  3. Brutal: It is shown in Orange-Yellow color.
  4. Aggressive: Having an Orange-Red color, reaching this style awards the player the achievement "Aggressive". This and higher Styles make lots of fights easier to win like ones with Insane difficulty.
  5. Crazy: Green colored, reaching this Style awards the player the achievement "Crazy".
  6. Fantastic: Makes the bar Blue in color, reaching this Style awards the player the achievement "Fantastic".

Attacks and Moves Edit

Combining moves will allow the players to do special attacks.

  • First Strike: Only one of the Player or computer can do first strike during a round. First strike makes attack more powerful.
  • Shock: Dealing a lot of damage in a short time to opponent will result in a Shock, which will disarm enemy.
  • Head Hit: Hitting enemies from their heads will result in a head hit, deals more damage.
  • Critical: Attacking while the enemy is unbalanced will yield a critical hit, which will make damage more powerful and make the enemy fall on the ground.
  • Combo: Doing 3 or more attacks in a short time will activate the combo meter, increased with each hit.If player doesn't do damage for a long time combo meter will be disabled
  • Perfect: If player defeats enemy without the enemy hitting him, it will be perfect.
  • Great: If player defeats enemy with a critical health level, it will be great
  • Time's Up: If player doesn't lose neither defeat the opponent it will be timeout, player loses
  • You Lose: If player falls on the ground, or stays on the ground for X seconds, player loses
  • You Win: If player reaches X Style or performs X combo, player wins

Challenges Edit

  • Hot Ground X: Staying on the ground for X seconds will result in a loss, opponent wins one round automatically
  • Ring Out: If player leaves the marked zone, it will be ringout, player loses

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