Fight is one of the buttons found in the interface. Clicking on the 'Fight' button will redirect players to the map where all battle structures are found.

Players are going to do many battles. Most of the battles require energy and players will be able to earn EXP and Gold from completing battles.

Types of battles.Edit

The list is incomplete. Edit
  • Unarmed fights
Main article: Unarmed fights

In unarmed battles, players are to fight without equipping any weapons. However, Shurikens and Kunais can still be used. Players will earn 25 XP and 10 Gold upon winning.

  • Two players
Main article: Two players

Unlike normal battles, this type of battle does not require energy. Players will be able to control 2 players on this battle.

  • Friendly duel
Main article: Friendly duel

Unlike normal battles, this battle costs 10 energy points and do not cost coins. Players will be able to fight against their friends. 

  • Dan Test
Main article: Dan

Players, in order to increase their dan rank, would have to take the Dan Test. Players will have to defeat opponents continuously to pass the test.

  • Tournaments
Main article: Tournaments (SF1)

Players can participate in tournaments to battle with other players and win rewards and trophies!

In-game prompts Edit

In all battles, some prompts will be given.

Here is the list of in-game prompts.

The list is incomplete.

  • Combos

The numbers tell players the combos they have done to your opponent. In order to do a combo, hit the opponent more than 1 time. If the player gets hit by their opponent, the hit streak will be broken.

  • First Strike

This will appear under the player who attacks successfully first.

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