Festivus is the special Christmas challenger that appears when the player first levels up after the Act 7 update. Festivus is a Christmas challenger, he is a ninja-wearing christmas outfit, such as Santa cloth, Santa hat, he wields Candy Canes as a weapon, he also uses Snowballs as his ranged weapon.If the player loses there will be two options

  • Leave
  • Retry by giving +3 gems for each retry (with maximum of 30 gems, after 11th try it will always need 30 gems)

Quotes Edit

  • Wow, who's that approaching? He's both festive and... militant? (Festivus appears)
  • No one escapes the Festive Spirit... without a gift! Ho ho ho! Everyone is given his due! So, did you behave this year?(Festivus appears 2)
  • I hope you've been following your path, tirelessly fighting against evil. Or have you been cheating, huh, lazy thing? I'm not to be deceived! (Challenging the Player)
  • So, it appears you have something to hide? Maybe everything you have in this world was obtained by dishonest means? Remember, we can see it all! Season's greetings! (Challenge rejected)
  • You know... uh, there was an old custom that few remember. One could, uh, entertain the Festive Spirit with a small donation to keep him around a while longer. (Rematch offer)
  • What? Do you want to try again? Wouldn't you rather make me some gingerbread cookies instead? You've got to be a better baker than a fighter, ho ho ho! (Rematch)
  • I see, I see! You are an expert fighter, which means you train a lot. Good kids get good gifts. And you deserve some of my best! (Defeated)

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Trivia Edit

  • The fight with Festivus is the first challenger fight that takes place in the Dojo. The second being Lilith.
  • Festivus can be fought at any level ,from level 4 to level 47.
  • Festivus' difficulty level is marked as ???, just like Lilith's.
  • Festivus speaks in first person, but plurally as he says "we can see it all".
  • The Festivus battle in 2015 is identical to the first one but you get the Caramel Shuang Gou instead of the Candy Canes.