Boss fatum
Basic Information
Name Fatum
Type Raid-Boss
Role Eternal
Status Alive
Gender Female
Further Information
Act Underworld
Dan 4
Shield 9100
Time limit 08 : 30
Equipment and Perks
Weapon Grim Scythe
Ranged Weapon Flame skull
Magic(s) Dark Force Wave
Perks Invisibility

Fatum is the fifth Eternal in the Underworld, and the first boss of the tier 2 of Underworld. She is one of the three bosses in the second tier (along with Arkhos and Hoaxen). Fatum has a shield of 9100 points which must be destroyed in 8 minutes and 30 seconds by six players before they can finish her. The players need to reach Dan 4 before they can fight her. Battles with her carry random rules. Fatum uses the Grim Scythe as her weapon.

The players can obtain the keys to fight her by defeating Vortex. If the player's Dan is 7, Fatum keys will be given at the end of a season by reaching the 1st-5th place in the League. If the players does not have any Fatum keys, they can buy one key for 80 gems.

Compared to other Eternals, Fatum's attacks are slower. But, she has a very wide attack range and she can deals enormous damage with ease. She is immune to the Stun enchantment.

After she is defeated, Fatum will mentions the one that rules over the Eternals, saying that the Maker is testing human's kin and wanting a decent rival.


In order to challenge Fatum, players require:

  • 1 Key4
  • Dan 4

Possible rules: Edit

  • No Blocks
  • Hot Ground (12 seconds)

Perks Edit

  • Invisibility IconInvisibility Blue

Fatum can become invisible after blasting a puff of smoke around her and stays the same until player damages her heavily. When invisible, Fatum will not use ranged weapons and magic.

  • Cobra IconCobra

A chance that during first 3 seconds of a round Fatum's First Strike would reduce players' health by 20%.

Rewards Edit

Defeating Fatum will reward the players with Arkhos Key. They may receive additional rewards such as small or medium-sized Charges of Darkness or the Keys for Fungus or Vortex. Players have a chance to receive one of the rewards listed below.

1st PlaceEdit

2nd-9th PlaceEdit

Quotes: Edit

  • Your courage can be only matched by your folly. But I knew that you shall come, for you are my fate, and I am yours. I shall rewrite your destinies – forever. - Fatum introduces herself
  • That`s right! Hold the boy on the leash. I know all about your destinies: who you are, and where you are going. Shall I tell you who dies in the end? - Fatum warns the player of dire consequences
  • Your fate is solved. You have already lost once you've set foot on my abode’s threshold. Will you have enough courage to rewrite your story? - If the player lose
  • I know mankind. You walk up and down the same spiral. I’ve seen that more than once. Self-destruction and withering. Nothing can change that. Such is your fate. - Fatum defeated
  • The Maker is more skilled in weaving the threads of fate than me. He is testing your kin, for he wants a decent rival. Go, human. Suffer his ire'.
  • Threads of destiny are tearing apart. It breaks my heart. I saw all unenviable events. I took the best of it and created an artifacts which are changing fate. - Valentine update
  • These artifacts are well-hidden in the Underworld, and my brothers are protecting it. Become the first among the best, face your nemesis and change your doom. - Valentine update
  • The bounds between worlds grow thin, meaning this is the best night for predictions! The air is filled with magic, and my hands hold the threads of fate itself! - Halloween 2017 update.
  • For me, fortunetelling is a game - I can do with the fates of mortals whatever I wish. But you are a different affair altogether, my friends. Please, have a seat. - Speaking to Megalith, Halloween 2017 update.
  • You have been blinded by your hatred. Let us begin. Speak not, but listen. I see a figure black as night feathers and ashes take me by the hand - Speaking to Arkhos, Halloween 2017 update.
  • How how did you end up here? The path to this world was closed to you! - Interrupted by Whisper, Halloween 2017 update.


Trivia Edit

  • Currently, Fatum is the only female boss in the Underworld.
  • She is the third boss to use Invisibility as a perk after Lynx and May
  • Fatum is the creator of the Valentine artifacts.
  • She is the only Underworld boss that does not wear a mask in the Halloween 2017 update.

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