Fans of Passion are a 2017 Valentine's Day special weapon in Shadow Fight 2. They was obtainable during the Valentine's Day 2017 update, as a first-place reward by defeating raid-bosses (Vortex, Fatum, Arkhos, or Hoaxen), or by purchasing the Casket of Fates chest. Fans of Passion are enchanted with Poisoning. In the Special Edition, they are available in the shop to be bought.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Fans Slash: Shadow bends forward and swings a fan horizontally.
  • Fans Double Slash: Shadow bends forward, swings one fan horizontally, and swings the other fan horizontally.
  • Fans Strong Slash: Shadow steps forward, bends forward, and swings a fan downward.
  • Fans Spinning Slash: Shadow pivots on one foot while swinging a fan horizontally.
  • Fans Upper Slash: Shadow swings a fan horizontally at an upward angle.
  • Fans Super Slash: Shadow bends forward, steps forward, swings one fan downward, steps forward, swings the other fan downward, and throws both fans forward, which return to him.
  • Fans Low Slash: Shadow pivots on one foot, kneels, and swings a fan horizontally.
Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Fans Stance Start of Fight
Fans Slash 8Base damage Punch
Fans Double Slash 8Base damage
8Base damage
Punch, Punch
Fans Strong Slash 10Base damage Forward+Punch
Fans Spinning Slash 12Base damage Backward+Punch
Fans Upper Slash 11Base damage Up+Punch
Fans Super Slash 10Base damage
10Base damage
8Base damage
8Base damage
Forward+Punch, Punch
Fans Low Slash 13Base damage Down+Punch