Energy grants the player permission to battles. It can be replenished after waiting for a certain period of time, receiving Energy Boosts, using Energy Potions or by paying rubies. The maximum number of Energy you can get is the player's level number + 100, with the maximum number of energy increasing by 1 every time the player levels up.

How to earn energyEdit

  • Waiting. - 1 Energy Point is earned after every 2 minutes. This method is free but it might take a long time to get many Energy Points.
  • Energy Potions. - If players do not wish to wait, they can use Energy Potions. Energy Potions can be earned from completing battles or can be bought from the Shop under the 'Items' category using rubies.
  • Energy Boosts - Players can receive energy boosts from their friends who play the game as well. To send an energy boost, players are to click on the Gift icon and select a gift. Then, the player will be shown a list of friends he can send the gift to.
  • Rubies - If players are out of Energy Points he can use rubies to pay for Energy Points.

Where to spend energy (Incomplete)Edit

  • Battles - Players require energy for most battles. 40 energy points for Unarmed battles and 10 energy for the first daily Friendly duel.
  • Tournaments - To fight someone in a tournament, players require energy as well.
  • Bosses - To fight bosses, players are to spend 40 energy points for each battle.

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