Emissary is a minor character in Shadow Fight 3, met in Chapter I. He is an ally of June.

Storyline Edit

The player and June meet with Emissary as they pass the Falcon's Gorge in order to find intel about Gizmo. Emissary know, but refuses to help because June is with a Legionary, and it is against the code to speak with Legionary. Emissary then challenges the player to fight, as he will speak only after he/she is removed.

After Emissary is defeated, he then informs them as he considers the code has been amended. According to information from Emissary, Gizmo has settled in the outskirt of Dynasty with lots of Shadow energy, and he is waiting for some kind of old foe. The people there will happy if someone can get rid of Gizmo and his friends.

Fight Edit

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Emissary is fought as an enemy in Chapter I. He fights with the Dynasty fighting style, wields Lightweight Sabers as his weapons, and utilizes two Shadow abilities. The fight can consist up to three rounds, and the players must win two rounds in order to win.