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The Eclipse is state of play in Shadow Fight 2 that deviates from the normal state of the game activated by default. The Eclipse can be toggled by tapping the Sun found in the top right corner of the game map. Playing in Eclipse mode will give the player access to more valuable rewards, however it significantly impacts the difficulty of opponents players will face.

Storyline Edit

A conversation between Shadow and Sensei discloses that when Shadow opened the Gates of Shadows, it not only caused him to lose his body and obtain his shadowy appearance but also acquired a special power. The power, Sensei states, is that Shadow has the ability to cause an Eclipse on the sun if he desires to. This Eclipse will make his opponents stronger, but will also allow Shadow to win precious rewards. These rewards are the Shadow Orbs. Sensei also says that Shadow can call off the Eclipse any time he wishes to. Sensei then proceeds to show Shadow how to utilize this power.

Description Edit

The Eclipse is a state in Shadow Fight 2. The game map denotes the Sun in the top right corner. It stays fixed there in any part of the map. This Sun is the switch to turn Eclipse on and off. Clicking it once will turn the Sun's color from yellow to black and clicking it again will make it turn back to normal. This can be done as and when willed.

The speciality of Eclipse is that when all Tournaments, Challenges and Storyline Fights have been completed, Shadow can choose to replay any of these to earn Shadow Orbs, Eclipse Achievements and Demon Weapons which are obtained by defeating the respective demon.

In Eclipse, the difficulties of all modes of play increase (with the exception of Ascension and raids). The opponents are more resistant to attack, stronger in their offense and defense. Playing in the eclipse mode will reward shadow orbs and coins .

Shadow Orbs are of three types: Green, Red, and Purple. Green and Red Orbs can be obtained with or without putting the game into the Eclipse State and are rewarded after winning the fight but Red orbs are restricted to Challenges, Tournaments and Storyline Fights whereas Greens are available everywhere. Purple Orbs are even rarer and can only be sought in victories in Storyline Fights during the Eclipse. These Orbs then can be used to forge enchantments on various items of the player's equipment.

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