Dragon is the first bodyguard of Hermit. Dragon, like all of Hermit's bodyguard is named after a style of martial arts: the Hidden Dragon.

Dragon is one of Hermit's disciple. Like the other disciples, he only want to get Hermit's secret power so he can use it for his own purposes.

Dragon wields a Staff. He does not wear a helmet, and wears green robes with gold trimming. He sees himself as the superior of Hermit's disciples, yet is the weakest.

When defeated, Dragon admits he must "learn his lesson of humiliation". In the Interlude it is seen that he is till in Hermit's Academy and fights Shadow as Hermit's first bodyguard.

Quotes Edit

  • You're here for Hermit's competition, no doubt. Stand in line, though you'll never get a chance to try. - Dragon's first words
  • I am the true chosen one; the only one worthy of Hermit's teachings. I will prove it and then open my own school. Prepare yourself for defeat! - Dragon challenges the player
  • I can't believe you beat me... Hermit came here with nothing, yet built the best fighting school in the east! - Dragon defeated
  • Perhaps... humility is the lesson I must learn if I am to ever open my own school.

Trivia Edit

  • Dragon is one of the only two Bodyguards to have a name of a mythological beast; the other being Kraken.