Since he was banished from higher realms many centuries ago, he is wandering among the mortals looking for a worthy opponent. Do you dare to challenge him?

Div is a demon that player can  fight in Shadow Fight. He has the second lowest amount of HP, making him the second easiest to defeat. Players need to equip Knives, Advanced knives,  Kris or Kukris and have 2 GakiR in order to fight him. Charges can be used to increase the player's total damage made to the demon when he is stunned (or when his health is almost completely depleted), which in this case, is the Charge of lightning.


HP: 6500

Minimum HP to perform without Clan members: 180

Weapon: Sickles

Rewards: 300 EXP, 200 Temporary Glory and 1/2 DivR

Charge of lightningEdit


The Charge of lightning is the only charge that can be used to deal additional damage to Div. It resembles a ball of lightning, which is indirectly stated in its name. This charge deals 30 additional damage to Div and can be earned as a battle drop of defeating Div in a round or by purchasing it for 15 Rubies


An image of a player using the charge of lightning.


Players can get different types of trophies, depending on the number of times they have defeated Div. The trophies can be identified by Div's face on them. The following are the type of trophies.



Requirement: Defeat Div 1 time

Reward: 175 permanent glory



Requirement: Defeat Div 5 times

Reward: 425 permanent glory



Requirement: Defeat Div 25 times

Reward: 700 permanent glory

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