Deng Rao is an antagonist character from Shadow Fight 3. He is met in Chapter I: Legion. He is first fought in the tutorial, after the player wins a round, in the scripted fight where the player cannot win against him. Later, he is fought as a boss.


Deng Rao is a warlord of Dynasty. He initiates an attack to the Legion by attacking the Shadow Squad. He thinks that he is doing the right thing, even if it may cause a war. Deng Rao later is defeated by the player.

Deng Rao reappears along with the Ambassador to fend of the Insusceptibles. He brought an assassin from the Order of the Damned which shocked June as it was dismissed by her father.

He also badmouthed June and the Emperor after the warlord was defeated, hoping to be the new emperor.

Boss FightEdit

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Deng Rao is fought as the first boss of Chapter I. Deng Rao fights with the Dynasty fighting style, and he wields a Guandao called Emerald Claw. Deng Rao utilizes three Shadow abilities and two perks. The fights can consists to up to 5 rounds, and the players must win three rounds in order to win.


  • So it's true? The Legion started using Shadow Energy? Oh, so sweet. I can't wait to battle one of their shadow masters! - Taunting the player.
  • Oh, It's you again. And where is your girlfriend?
  • My only mistake was working for the thankless Dynasty. I'm the only one who has enough guts to attack the Legion first! - Answering June.