Demons is one of the structures found in the map and it offers 5 bosses to choose from and offers players the opportunity to fight demons. Like bosses, Demons are harder to kill than regular opponents. Demon battles require 10 Ki Energy each. Unlike other regular battles, there is no time limit to finish the demons. Certain weapons are also needed to fight certain bosses. Whenever, the demon is almost knocked out, players can use charges that can be earned as a drop from defeating one or by purchasing at the shop to increase the total amount of damage made. When the player is in a clan, the amount of damage dealt by other clan members will be added to the demon, making it more eficient to be in a clan when battling Demons

List of Demons (By difficulty)Edit


Main article: Gaki

"He hides away between the barren rocks of another dimension. Get lost - and you will become his next meal."

Requirements: Batons/Maces/Klevtsov

HP: 2100

Rewards: 150 XP, 75 Temporary Glory


Main article: Div
"Since he was banished from higher realms many centuries ago, he is wandering among the mortals looking for a worthy opponent. Do you dare to challenge him?"

Requirements: Knives/Kris

HP: 6500

Rewards: 300 XP, 200 Temporary Glory


Main article: Nogitsune

"Beware of Nogitsune on the trails of the abandoned forest! Even if you beat this insidious werewolf creature, you may not find out of the enchanted thickets."

Requirements: Nunchucks/Flying Hammers/Mace

HP: 18000

Rewards: 500 XP, 450 Temporary Glory


Main article: Rakshasa

"Even among the evil spirits Rakshasa stands out for his bad temper. There is no crime he did not commit in his past life and with every rebirth he is getting uglier and stronger."

Requirements: Sai/Wanderer's swords/Ceremonial scythe

HP: 47000.

Rewards: 750 XP, 1200 Temporary Glory


Main article: Council

"What could be worse than a beautiful woman who died in the mysterious waters of a lake and is possessed by an evil spirit? She is doomed to dwell on these sad shores forever, feeding on corpses of drowned and unhappy travelers."

Requirements: Swords/Kamas/Scimitars

HP: 130000.

Rewards: 1250 XP, 3000 Temporary Glory

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