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can be obtained and seen only in Underworld, the multiplayer mode of Shadow Fight 2. It is represented by a belt. All players starts with Dan 1 upon entering Underworld for the first time. To increase the Dan, players need to accumulate rating points before a season ends (this can be done by defeating bosses and completing daily quests). The minimal rating points is based on the target Dan, with higher Dan require more point. At the end of a season (ends in three days), players will get Dan increase, along with additional rewards. The rewards are a supply of small and medium-sized Charges of Darkness, some keys for Megalith and Fungus, and a small amount of gems. The rewards are based on the players' rating points and position at the League. The higher the point and position, the more charges, keys, and gems the players will receive. Higher Dan is required to fight bosses with Dan requierement. The keys obtained at season's end will become more valuable as well; starting from Dan 5, Megalith keys will be replaced with Vortex keys, and starting from Dan 7, players in the 1st-5th place will receive Fatum keys instead of Fungus keys. Currently, the highest Dan is 7.

Belt color Edit

The default color for the Dan's belt is copper. The belt will receive new color if the players can stay at the Top 100 until season's end. By reaching 100th-11th place, the belt will turn into silver. While by reaching the Top 10 (10th-1st place), the belt will turn into gold.

Required Dan for Bosses Edit

  • Vortex: Dan 3
  • Fatum: Dan 4
  • Arkhos: Dan 5
  • Hoaxen: Dan 6
  •  ???: Dan 8