Weapon super katana set
Precision (1306-1867)

Poisoning (1306-1867)

Star37-52 Shop
Base Stats
Weapon attack916-1333 Critical chanceN/A
Gold N/A Ruby 500
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby 79 Weapon attack+7
Regular Upgrade
Ruby 9 Weapon attack+6
Daisho  is a super weapon in Shadow Fight 2. It is unlocked at level 37, along with the Ceremonial Shuang Gou and the Ornamental Sabers. Daisho, along with the other two weapons, become available in the shop after Shogun is defeated and the Gates of Shadows are unlocked. It is a unique weapon because it has two enchantments on it: Precision and Poisoning.

The weapon is a combination of a katana and a wakizashi blade. The katana is used to perform normal attacks, while the wakizashi is only used during the last strikes of the double slash and the super slash. The Precision enchantment allows players to deal higher damage to enemies, while the Poisoning can decrease enemy's health slowly.

Another weapon that functions exactly like the Daisho is Shogun's Katana, wielded by the sixth demon boss Shogun in Shadow Fight 2. The only difference is that the two weapons have different appearances and Shogun's Katana comes with only an Overheat enchantment whereas the Daisho has both the Precision and Poisoning enchantments. Shogun's Katana can be obtained for free by defeating him again in Eclipse mode and the weapon will adapt to the current level of the player when won.

Attack OverviewEdit

  • Katana Slash: Shadow bends forward and swings the katana horizontally.
  • Daisho Double Slash: Shadow bends forward and swings the katana horizontally, then steps forward and performs a downward slash with the wakizashi.
  • Katana Strong Slash: Shadow steps forward and swings the katana downward.
  • Daisho Super Slash: Shadow perform a slash with the katana, then charges forward while performing four combo slashes with the wakizashi and katana.
  • Katana Spinning Slash: Shadow pivots on one foot and swings the katana in an arc above his head.
  • Katana Upper Slash: Shadow steps forward, kneels and swings the katana upward.
  • Katana Low Slash: Shadow bends forward and swings the katana horizontally at a downward angle.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only shop weapon to have more than one enchantment.
  • If the player applies a new enchantment to the Daisho, they will lose the unique two enchantments and instead get only one random new enchantment.
  • Unlike the katana, the wakizashi can't inflict enchantments, i.e. the player will inflict precision and poisoning enchantments on the enemy only when they strike and hit them with the katana part of the weapon.
  • Daisho is one of the most expensive gem-priced weapons in the game along with Emerald Cutters, Composite Sword, and Plasma Rifle.
  • The word Daisho is a combination of the terms Daito and Shoto. Daito is the Japanese term for long sword, and Shoto is the Japanese term for short sword.

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