Currencies are monetary items received as rewards and used to purchase items in the game. Shadow Fight 2 has two types of currencies: Primary Currencies and Secondary Currency. The top bar in the game denotes the amount the player possesses of each type of currency.

Primary Currencies Edit

Three different units are used as the primary currencies, which can be used to purchase and upgrade most weapons, armors, helms, ranged weapons, and magic amulets. In addition, more of these primary currencies can be purchased with real money.

Gold coin

Gold Edit

Gold coins are the first primary currency, used from the very beginning of the game until the closing of the Gates of Shadows. Gold coins are used for the largest portion of the game, compared to the other primary currencies. All modes of play (except for successful normal fights against demons) award gold coins as the main prize in differing amounts until the start of the Interlude. Gold coins can also be used to pay Sly when he scams the player.

Platinum Edit


Platinum coin

Platinum coins are the second primary currency in game, used during the Interlude. They completely replace gold coins when introduced. All modes of play award platinum coins as the main prize in differing amounts until the start of Act VII.

Credit Edit



Credit are the third primary currency, used in Act VII. They completely replace platinum coins when introduced. All modes of play (except for a successful normal fight against Titan) award credit as the main prize in differing amounts.

Second Currency Edit

Main Article: Gems



Gems are the secondary currency, used throughout the entirety of the game. They can be used for every item for which the primary Currencies can used in addition to being able to buy special items in the game which are not available for purchase with primary currencies, such as items which are readily enchanted by the game. True to their secondary status, gems are sparingly used by players due to their difficulty to obtain. More of these gems can be purchased with real money.

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