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Cronos is a character in Shadow Fight 2. Cypher built a machine several years ago to track down the Ancient for its power. The machine was called Cronos, an advanced humanoid robot. Cronos found the ancient creature but the creature, having advanced powers, changed the will of Cronos. It planted the idea to "cleanse this world of all vices" in his head. Cronos then became "insane", as stated by Kali. 


On Cypher's suggestion, Shadow and Kali decide to track down Cronos as he is their best hope of finding the Ancient. They find Cronos at the factory, but Cronos is guarded by a band of five Looters. In his speech Cronos reveals his high regard for the Ancients. In a survival-style battle, Shadow then fights and defeats the looters and eventually Cronos, who is armed with a pair of Blaster Tonfas. They manage to find the Ancient's location via Cronos' memory chip and set out to find him in the Stone Grove.

Trivia Edit

  • Although a machine, Kali refers to Cronos as a "he" mean he has a masculine persona.
  • The achievement for defeating him is 'Roboclypse'

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