Corporal is Shogun's first bodyguard. He is a soldier in Shogun's military army. Corporal wields a Jumonji Yari, a type of Yari which have a pair of curved blades around its central blade. It functions similar to the Yari. He is the first bodyguard to mistake Shadow as the former Prince of Ivory City.

Quotes Edit

  • You, there – halt! If you drop your weapons and come out where I can see, I promise you a swift and painless death. - Before fighting him
  • You... The Prince! But... But, you should be dead! It's impossible! Troops, fall back! - After he is defeated
  • Look, Captain! There he is, just as I said! The Prince has returned from the grave! - Before fighting Captain

Trivia Edit

  • Like all other bodyguards of Shogun, his weapon is unobtainable.
    • He also uses the same unobtainable Ice Ball magic used by Widow. As of Christmas 2016 update players can now obtain the Shard of Eternal Ice magic which functions in a similar manner.