Man naginata

Colonel is the fourth bodyguard of Shogun. He is a high-ranking officer in Shogun's military army. Colonel wields a Bisento, a type of polearm weapon. It functions like the Naginata.

Quotes Edit

  • You should have never returned, Prince. Did you think your former subjects would submit to you after what you did? - Colonel's first words
  • Your highborn head has no place here, except on the end of a pike! - Before fighting him
  • My defeat will do you no good, monster. Shogun knows you are here. Whatever you are planning, he will stop you... -After he is defeated

Trivia Edit

  • Like other bodyguards of Shogun, Colonel wields an unobtainable weapon.
  • His name is his rank in the army, just like all bodyguards of Shogun.

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