Cobra's Tooth
[Glaive Bow]
Weapon glaivebow
Poisoning (1797-1867)
Star50-52 Shop
Base Stats
Weapon attack1283-1333 Critical chanceN/A
Credit N/A Ruby 175
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby 79 Weapon attack+7
Regular Upgrade
Ruby 9 Weapon attack+6

Cobra's Tooth is a gem weapon unlocked at level 50 in Shadow Fight 2. It is one of the first weapons unlocked at the chapter three of Act VII: Revelation, along with Orbs of Pain. Cobra's Tooth functions like a glaive but its super slash shoots an arrow to the opponent. The arrow has higher damage than most ranged weapons, and can't be blocked. The arrow is not categorized as weapon, ranged weapons, and magic. Thus, it doesn't follow any enchantments on these equipments. It is the weapon wielded by Titan's fifth bodyguard, Emperor.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Glaive Slash: The character thrusts the glaive forward.
  • Glaive Double Slash: The character thrusts the glaive forward, then pivots on one foot and thrusts the glaive horizontally.
  • Glaive Strong Slash: The character steps forward and thrusts the glaive horizontally.
  • Glaivebow Arrow: The super slash of Cobra's Tooth. The character shoots a single arrow toward the opponent. The arrow ignores block.
  • Glaive Spinning Slash: The character pivots on one foot and swings the glaive horizontally.
  • Glaive Upper Slash: The character bends forward and thrusts the glaive horizontally at an upward direction.
  • Glaive Low Slash: The character steps forward, bends down, and swings the glaive downward.


  • Cobra's Tooth is one of the three weapons that shoot projectiles as super slash. The other weapons are Blaster Tonfas and Plasma Rifle.
    • Unlike these weapons, Cobra's Tooth's projectiles cannot be blocked.

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