Man big swords

Cleaver is the second bodyguard of Wasp. He is a member of the New Blood, like Kraken and Shark. He uses Big Swords. He wears black pants and a green cap, as well as golden wrist guards.

Quotes Edit

  • The Pirate King disappears without a trace, Wasp takes over, and nobody asks where her father went! - Cleaver's first words
  • She had something to do with it, I tell ya. I don't trust that wench, and neither should you! - Cleaver challenges the player
  • You've chosen the wrong side, lad. When Wasp is through with you, you'll disappear just like her father! Mark my words! - After defeating him

Trivia Edit

  • He is the second bodyguard in the game to use a gem weapon. The first one is Ghost.

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