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Clan logo for the players who has not entered a clan yet.

Clan is a feature in Shadow Fight 2 that allows players to come together as a group in order to fight Eternals more efficiently in the Underworld. Being in a clan can help players defeat a boss in a smaller amount of time and with less effort, as their clan members can join them in decreasing bosses' shields. Players can either join an already existing clan or create their own clan.


  • Recruit

Recruit can leave messages in the clan chat, gather and participate in clan raids.

  • Samurai

Samurai is an honorable rank to any warrior, has the same rights as Recruit, but is more respected in the clan.

  • General

General can promote other clan members to "Samurai" rank or demote a "Samurai" to "Recruit" rank and kick them out + gives all "Samurai" rights.

  • Shogun

A clan leader. Is able to gather clan raids, change ranks of other players or kick them, edit clan info and disband the clan. They have a crown symbol next to their username in members list.

Creating and Editing ClanEdit

There are no requirements in creating clan, any players can create a clan with 350 gems. By tapping "Create", players will be brought into the clan editing menu. There, they can edit all infos about the clan before it is created, which are:

  • Clan name: At least 3 letters, maximum 16 letters. Latin letters and/or numbers only.
  • Clan description: The players can write anything to describe the clan. Can be left empty.
  • Best rating to join: Once a score is set, only players with the same or more rating points can join. Can be left unedited (if so, it is set to 0). Best rating to join can be set to 100 million at maximum.
  • Clan logo: The players can choose the clan badge, icon, and color.

After the clan is created, the clan creator will automatically become the clan leader and given the rank "Shogun". They also will receive one Volcano key. The clan leader can change the clan's info anytime they want, as well as set the clan into private. By making it private, no players will be able to join the clan.

Joining a ClanEdit

In order to join a clan, a player must meet the following conditions:

  • There are less than 40 members in a clan.
  • Player's best rating in a season matches or exceeds the required rating. (This rule does not apply to the clan leader)
  • The clan is not private.
  • Players can only join one clan at a time. If they're still a member of a clan, they will not be allowed to join any other clan.

They can also search clans by opening the chat tab at the left side of the screen and tapping "Search", or by tapping the shield logo at the upper right of the Underworld map. The game will list all the recommended clans to the players based on their best rating in a season. There is also a search bar that can help the players to find a particular clan.

When a player joins a clan, their rating within that clan will start from zero. The player's accomplishments in their last clan (if there was) are not counted in the new clan. This also applies if the player leave and go back to that old clan. Moving to another clan has no effect on the player's personal rating.

Clan RaidsEdit

Any clan member can create a clan raid by opening the chat tab and tapping the "Raid" tab. After a boss is chosen, other clan members can join the clan raid if they wish, and after enough players have been gathered, the raid can be started. The players need the required key for either creating or joining a clan raids. In the case of bosses with Dan requirement, they also need to reach the necessary Dan as well. The clan raid creator can cancel the raid if necessary, and they can kick players during the gathering as well.

Clan BadgesEdit

Clan IconsEdit