A clan is a group of players that join to fight bosses more efficiently. Being in a clan can help players defeat a boss in a smaller amount of time and with less effort, as their clan members can join them in defeating bosses and demons.

Obtaining a Clan:Edit

There are two methods that players can use to obtain a clan

Forming a ClanEdit

In order to found a clan, the player must have at least 50,000 Rating Points.

Joining a ClanEdit

By clicking on the "Clan" tab, there will be a list of clans (the top one will have the highest glory). Clicking on any clan will bring you to a list of members in that clan. Also, there should be a website for their own Facebook group, found on the left of the list. To apply, click on the 'Join Clan' button and then the application will be sent to the clan founder. If the clan founder accepts the player's application, the player will join the clan. If players wish to remove their application from that clan, go to that clan and click on the 'Cancel clan application' button. Players can only make ONE application at a time.


While fighting bosses, the damage dealt by other clan members will be added to the bosses and will be seen on the scoreboard beside the boss. This will only apply when the player is in a clan.


When fighting demons, the damage dealt by other clan members will be added to the demon and will be seen on the scoreboard. However, when the player leaves his/her clan, the damage dealt by other clan members will no longer be added.

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