Chapter I Legion
Chapter I: Legion
is the first chapter of Shadow Fight 3. It consists of 8 main quests (not counting the tutorial) and 3 boss fights. Chapter I is set in a Legion camp and the area surrounding the camp. Players take the role of a new Legion recruit, as a part of the Shadow Squad, a squad in the Legion who uses Shadow Energy in their missions.

List of Main Quests Edit

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Chapter I consists of 15 main quests, 3 of which are boss fights and 4 more (which are not listed) are part of the tutorial.

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rounds Rewards
Gems Exp
1 The Golden Breaker Deng Rao Emerald Claw 3 5 20
2 Correctional Treatment Offender None 2 0 20
3 Night Escape Watchmen One-handed Sword 2 0 20
4 Things Get Worse Emissary Lightweight Sabers 2 0 20
5 Preparations With June June Eagle's Dive 2 0 20
6 Old Friend Gizmo Battle Sword (prefer bare-handed) 3 5 20
7 Game Changer Mysterious Opponent One-handed Sword 2 0 20
8 Chilly Reception Cuirassier Axes 2 0 20
9 New Squad Shadow Recruit Sun Splinter 2 0 20
10 The Execution Executioner Sin Eater 2 0 20
11 You Were A Son To Me Sarge Bonecrushers 3 5 20

Storyline Edit


Sarge and Gizmo welcome the player as a new recruit of Shadow Squad. They then train the player and teach them how to fight and other basic things. After the player completes the training, Sarge concludes that they can be a good fighter.

Player vs deng rao (1)

Fight with Deng Rao

Sarge informs the player that the Dynasty's main force is near the Falcon's Gorge. He then tells the player that the Dynasty attacked and order the player to fight one of their frontline attackers, a Sun Charger. After the charger is beaten, Deng Rao, the Dynasty warlord who started the attack against the Legion, appears. Deng Rao is too strong for the player and he manages to beat the player easily. However, June comes in time and saves the player from Deng Rao. June informs the player that the Dynasty never has any intention to attack the Legion, it was Deng Rao who attacked by himself. They confront Deng Rao, June asks Deng Rao if he knows what kind of mistake he just did, to which he replies that working for the Dynasty is his only mistake.

Search For The SphereEdit

The player fights Deng Rao again and defeats him this time. June then follows the player to the Legion camp, saying that the Shadow Sphere has chosen them and June will help to find it. Because June has saved the player, Sarge will protect her from the Legion's elders.

Before searching for the Sphere, Sarge first makes the player punish an offender to prove his strength. After punishing that offender, Sarge informs them that he has already sent Gizmo after the Sphere. June is angry when she hears this, exclaiming that if someone common touched the Sphere, it would enslave them and turn them into a monster. All their darkest wishes would come true. However, Sarge does not listen, stating that the Sphere is nothing more than a mere "trophy".

Preparations with june (13)

June trains the player.

To prevent Gizmo from getting the Sphere, the player and June escapes from the camp that night. They find out Gizmo's location from one of June's ally. He tells them that Gizmo is currently at the outskirt of Dynasty, with heaps of shadow energy in his possession. The people there will be more than happy if Gizmo leaves that place. Before going there, June says that Gizmo is well-equipped with shadow thanks to Sarge and the player needs more training first. She wants to teach the player how to deal against opponent with lots of shadow energy. After the player completes the training by beating June, they finally confront Gizmo.

Confronting GizmoEdit

Old friend (17)

Fight with Gizmo

When they find Gizmo, he tells them that he has sold all of his Shadow energy and he is rich now, before claiming that he can kill the player with his bare-hands only. Upon hearing this, June remarks that she has overestimated Gizmo, saying that Gizmo is an idiot. After Gizmo is defeated, Gizmo reveals that he does not know about the Sphere, Sarge is the one who will go after it, with the brand-new Shadow Squad. He is just here to have fun and bully people.
Game changer (13)
Realizing that Sarge has put them on a false track, June asks the player's help to stop Sarge, regretting that she has told Sarge too much about the Sphere. However, they are interrupted by an invisible Herald. The Herald reminds June that they are on a secret mission, and she must not forget it. He then proceeds to fight the player in order to know them better. He is convinced after the player defeats him, and he leaves them, stating that the player is worthy enough and they will know each other better soon.

Stopping SargeEdit

Sarge has hired Cuirassiers to guard the camp. June wonders if they really need to fight off the whole Legion, before Sarge proves that it is not necessary by meet them in person. Sarge then pits the player with the new recruit of the brand-new Shadow Squad to test their new power, stating that one person from the new squad is more than enough to take them down. Even though the new Squad is better than the old one, the player still manages to win. Since the player has betrayed the Legion (ignoring the fact that it was Sarge who made them did it), Sarge has been commanded by the Elders to execute the player, and he will send the Executioner to do the job. June warns the player about how dangerous the Executioner is, informing that no one could escape the judgement before. But if the player can win, she tells them that they will be entitled to challenge anyone. The player defeats the Executioner, much to Sarge's surprise. He has no choice but to confront the player himself.

You were a son to me (19)

Sarge's Shadow form

Sarge challenges the player to an old-fashioned duel, where there is no Shadow form allowed. The player can defeat Sarge without much difficulty. Not wanting the player to win, Sarge screws the rule and goes into permanent Shadow form, allowing him to use Shadow ability infinitely to prevent the player from winning. He also uses an ability in which he walks forward with a strengthened armor and once Sarge gets close enough to the player, he smashes the player's stomach and then smacks their head. Despite all of this, the player still defeats him.

Sarge curses the player, telling them that they could have died honorably, but now he has the whole Legion against them. June has escaped and invites the player to escape with her to the Dynasty capital to avoid the Legion's pursuit. This marks the beginning of Chapter II.

Characters Appeared in This ChapterEdit

Items, Equipment, and Abilities Introduced in This ChapterEdit


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Main article: Armor (SF3)
  • Training Uniform
  • Rogue's Doublet
  • Mountaineer's Doublet
  • Reinforced Coat
  • Bedrock Armor
  • Scout's Jacket
  • Laminar Cuirass
  • Kagun's Woolfell
  • Swamper's Camouflage
  • Warlord's Plates
  • Liquidator's Hardshell
  • Lion's Pride


Main article: Helm (SF3)
  • Visored Casque
  • Campaigner's Helm
  • Mountaineer's Cap
  • Nomad's Cap
  • Bedrock Helm
  • Scout's Hat
  • Cuirassier Helm
  • Kagun's Horns
  • Swamper's Headgear
  • Warface
  • Liquidator's Headpiece
  • Lion's Gaze

Ranged WeaponsEdit

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Ranged weapons are introduced during the training with June. After defeating the Cuirassier hired by Sarge, ranged weapons will become obtainable for the player.

  • Wooden Crossbow
  • Training Blades
  • Training Hatchets
  • Steel Crossbow
  • Iron Crosses
  • Prepper's Hatchets
  • Black Strike
  • Scarlet Blades
  • Chained Hatchets
  • Slicing Crossbow
  • Gilded Blades
  • Gilded Hatchets

Shadow AbilitiesEdit

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  • Choke
  • Crush
  • Rift
  • Skeet
  • Mash
  • Pierce
  • Lunge
  • Ram
  • Spikes
  • Thud
  • Uppercut
  • Concussion
  • Ballistae
  • Bonds
  • Tide

Special MovesEdit

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  • Shredder
  • Colossus Steps
  • Pendulum
  • Razor Squall
  • Steep Dive
  • Snakebite
  • Stingray Stab
  • Guillotine
  • Cyclone
  • Nutcracker
  • Grinder
  • Avalanche
  • Brochette
  • Maelstrom
  • Battering Ram
  • Harvester
  • Impalement
  • Caveman's Rage
  • Stranglehold


Main article: Perk (SF3)
  • Electro Shock
  • Iron Grip
  • Repeller
  • Revenge
  • Shielding
  • Bleeding
  • Breacher
  • Lifesteal
  • Predator
  • Recollection
  • Retribution
  • Steel Foot
  • Stone Skin
  • Basher
  • Berserk
  • Damage Absorption
  • Damage Return
  • Rock
  • Shadow Burn

Trivia Edit

  • The released version of Chapter I is completely different from the beta version of Chapter I. The most notable changes are the complete change in the plot and that Greta, who was a boss in the beta-test, does not appear in Chapter I.
    • Shadow Squad is being disliked in the Legion. In the beta, this was emphazised more. They are ostracized by other Legionaries because they does not shy away from using Shadow Energy, conflicting with Legion's ideology. An example was from Greta, Gizmo's older sister who was wary of the Shadow Squad and considers Gizmo to be a disgrace to their family for joining them.
    • Sarge's real name was revealed in the beta: Otto Hyme. And although Sarge denies having met her, June insists that it was she who taught Sarge how to fight with Shadow Energy.
    • The player's relationship dynamic with Sarge and Gizmo was emphazised more in the beta.
    • Gizmo often assisted the player in missions, while the player also helped him in some occasions, like defending him from Greta after a rather funny incident that was entirely his fault. Gizmo was grudgingly envious towards the player as they are always better than him. When the player switched to June's side and betrayed the Shadow Squad, Gizmo was more than happy because he finally has an excuse to beat the player up. Furthermore, he was fought as an opponent instead of a boss.
    • Putting aside his evil intentions with the Shadow Sphere, Sarge was a good leader for the player. He trained the player to become a strong soldier and respected them, never tried to deceive them. Sarge was very proud of the player when they succeeded in upholding the Shadow Squad's honor in the tournament. When the player switched to June's side and betrayed the Shadow Squad, Sarge was very disappointed and immediately challenged the player to fight as a punishment.
    • Deng Rao was named Ran Di. He was a guard of the Dynasty and June's ally. Together with June, Ran Di was trying to put down Sarge's plan to confiscate the Shadow Sphere for his own personal gain.
    • Emissary was called Fort Commander. He was the commander of Bamboo Fort who runs a shady bussiness with Sarge.
    • Survival mode was existed during the beta-test. It did not made it to the released version.
    • Some opponents, like Shadow Recruit and Executioner, does not existed during the beta-test.
    • Some of the characters used different weapons than the ones they uses now. For example, Ran Di used Nunchaku and Fort Commander used Sun Splinter.

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