Captain Phang is a character from Shadow Fight 3. A nephew of Galen, he is a captain who owns the fastest ship in Dynasty. Phang is a brave young man, although he can be stubborn at times. He is also very loyal to Dynasty and respects June as a princess. Phang ended up accompanying the party in their quest to find Shadow in order to ensure June's safety.


Chapter V: Shadow IslandEdit

Galen gave the party a clue regarding Shadow Island, and he informs them to find Phang for help, who commands a ship. When the party finds him, Phang is busy dealing with a pirate. With the player's help, the pirate is taken down. After a small talk, June requests Phang to lend them his ship. But it is not possible at the moment, as Phang's crew has been mutinied against him and they stole the ship. Phang then leads the party to find his ship, as they will deal with the mutinied crew. When they find the ship, however, it is instead has been taken over by Master Okada and his shadow bots. It is revealed that Master Okada has bought the ship, and it is his ship now. Master Okada allows them to use the ship, with Phang steering it.

When the party reaches the island, Phang accompanies the party entering the island. Once they step to the island, the Shadow Mind suddenly makes an appearance in flesh, due to hearing a voice calling it. It is stopped by the player, and the Shadow Mind hides again. However, Phang is terrifed by it and he is trying to stop the party from proceeding further, overly worried about June's safety. Instead, he is stopped by the player. June convinces Phang that she is fine and can take care of herself, and commands him to return to the ship to keep an eye on Master Okada.

Once the party arrived back on the ship with Moira, Phang steers the ship to the North, where they can find Shadow.

Quest FightEdit

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Captain Phang is fought as an opponent after he witnessed Shadow Mind. There can be up to three rounds, and the player must score to victories in order to win. At least one Epic card is guaranteed as reward from defeating him.