Man long katana

Captain is the second bodyguard of Shogun. He is a high-ranking officer in Shogun's military army. Captain wields a long and heavy sword called the Odachi. It functions like the Dadao. He has a scar on one of his eye. At first, he doesn't believe Corporal's claim that Shadow is the Prince of Ivory City. He later believes it after Shadow defeat him, asking for mercy and promising that he'll leave the city.

Quotes Edit

  • Coward! I should have hanged you long ago. Step aside, so that I may deal with this beggar and prove he is no Prince. - Before fighting him
  • Mercy, o Prince! I will leave this city; I’ll never take up a weapon again, only spare my worthless life. Please, my lord! - After he is defeated

Trivia Edit

  • Like other Shogun's bodyguards, Captain wields an unobtainable weapon.
  • His name is his rank in the army.
  • Ōdachi (large/great sword), sometimes mistaken as nodachi (field sword), is a traditional Japanese sword that were mainly used for ceremonies. Due to the size and weight, odachi rarely used for battle because it is difficult to wield.

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