Man spear

Capra is the third bodyguard of Widow. He is one of the mens that has been charmed by Widow. He uses Silver Spear. Capra wears a blue clothes as well as silver wrist guards and a belt with a capra's head symbol on it.

Quotes Edit

  • Maybe I'm not as young or strong as I used to be, but my experience will win over your arrogance! The woman will be mine. - Capra challenges the player
  • Am I cursed? Love has driven me to madness and brought me to my knees, turning me into a mindless youth. - After defeating him
  • But my body can't keep up with my ambitions. I'm just a lonely, pathetic, old man.

Trivia Edit

  • Capra is a name of a species of goat, which justifies the capra's head symbol on his belt.
  • Like other bodyguards of Widow, he is named after an animal that resides in a cold climate.

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