The Candy Canes is a Christmas weapon in Shadow Fight 2. Defeating Festivus during the 2014 Christmas update rewarded the players with his weapon, the Candy Canes.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Swords Slash: Character bends forward and swings one cane horizontally.
  • Swords Double Slash: Character bends forward, swings one cane horizontally, and swings the other cane horizontally.
  • Swords Strong Slash: Character steps forward, bends forward, and swings a cane downward.
  • Shuang Gou Super Slash: Character hooks both canes into each other, then steps forward twice as the character swings the hooked canes forward twice.
  • Swords Spinning Slash: Character pivots on one foot while swinging a cane horizontally.
  • Swords Upper Slash: Character swings a cane horizontally at an upward angle.
  • Swords Low Slash: Character pivots on one foot, kneels, and swings a cane horizontally.