HP 300
EXP 100
Pg 100 (1 time)
  • 250 (5 times)
  • 400 (25 times)
TG 1
Seals Red Seal

"Once a great master, his unrelenting bloodthirst made him a monster. The blood of a hundred great warriors, and more, stained his brutal cleavers."

Butcher is a boss,in Shadow Fight. He has 300 HP, the lowest among all the bosses, and wields a weapon named Butcher's Cleavers.

Butcher's CleaversEdit


After the Butcher's HP has been drained and he has been defeated, the player can randomly earn a fragment as a battle drop. There will be a progress bar to show the player how many fragments he/she has and how many more he/she needs at the Workshop section found in the Inventory section. The player will need 5 fragments to merge into the Butcher's Cleavers. 

Once the Butcher's Cleaver fragments have been merged, the weapon will be in the Inventory for the player to equip and use. The weapon adds 75% more power to the player's attacks. This weapon is also the only weapon required in the Sixteen Tons tournament and can also be used in other tournaments with no weaponry requirements.


Upon defeating the Butcher for a certain number of times, players can earn awards and also earn more glory from them.

Weapons in Shadow Fight 1

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