Butcher's Knives
[Butcher's Knives]
Weapon boss hatchets
Bleeding (796-1997)
Star19-52 Butcher
Base Stats
Weapon attack448-1333 Critical chanceN/A
Gold N/A Ruby N/A
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby 79 Weapon attack+7
Regular Upgrade
Ruby 9 Weapon attack+6

Butcher's Knives is a boss weapon in Shadow Fight 2. They can be obtained by defeating The Butcher once more in Eclipse mode. Butcher's Knives has high damage, medium speed and low range. They works like axes, but has a different super slash. The weapon is enchanted with Bleeding enchantment. The formula for the power of the Bleeding enchantment is as follows:

[3639 / 100 * level + 105]

Attack OverviewEdit

  • Axes slash: Character swings a cleaver downward.
  • Axes Double Slash: Character swings a cleaver downward, then pivots on one foot and swings both cleavers downward.
  • Axes Strong Slash: Character lifts one cleaver over their head, then steps forward and slams the cleaver onto the ground.
  • Butcher's Knives Super Slash: Character swings one cleaver downward, then pivots on one foot, charges forward, and performs a heavy swing with another cleaver.
  • Axes Spinning Slash: Character pivots on one foot, then swings a cleaver horizontaly.
  • Axes Upper Slash: Character steps forward and swings one cleaver vertically.
  • Axes Low Slash: Character steps forward, kneels, and swing both cleavers horizontally.

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