Bull is the third bodyguard of Butcher and a member of his gang. Bull, like Bird and Rhino, takes his name from an animal. Bull uses batons as weapons. When Shadow makes his way to fight him, Bull states that he owes everything to Butcher. After being defeated, Bull questions if Butcher only used him, but refuses to believe it. Shadow and his companions later learns that Bull joined the gang, like many others, after he was orphaned; Butcher had his parents killed and pretend to be a savior, as told by Redhead. But then he is later seen again in the Interlude as Butcher's bodyguard.

Quotes Edit

  • Butcher is our leader, our guiding star. Even more, he raised me from a little boy. I owe him everything. We all do! - Before battling Shadow
  • I don't understand. Why didn't anyone come to my aid? Could it be that Butcher... used me? No. No, I refuse to believe it! - Bull defeated

Trivia Edit

  • Bull is one of the three bodyguards in the game to use batons. The other two are Brick from Act I and Irbis from Act V.