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Buffalo is the second bodyguard of Hermit. He is also a disciple of Hermit, yet seems to pay little to no genuine respect to him, and only pretends to do so for his own dark purposes. His name is based on a martial arts in the way as all the bodyguards of Hermit.

Like the other disciples, Buffalo is only attending Hermit's school to learn how Hermit became so powerful and get Hermit's power for his own purposes. However, Buffalo wished to use the knowledge for a different purpose, that is to cause mayhem and wreak havoc. Buffalo wields Crescent Knives.

After Buffalo is defeated, Sly will appear and give an offer; he knows Hermit's secret power and will tell it to the players if they pay him 450 coins. It doesn't matter if players accept or reject his offer, as Mantis will inform the player about Hermit's secret power after he is defeated.

He returns in Interlude, where he fights Shadow as Hermit's second bodyguard.

Quotes Edit

  • Look at the destruction one old man has brought. Imagine what I'll do with such power. Get out of my way; I must get Hermit's secret knowledge! - Buffalo challenges the player
  • You beat me – so what? Competitions are for fools, not real warriors. The only way to truly earn Hermit's knowledge is to take it by force! - Buffalo defeated

Trivia Edit

  • Buffalo is the first bodyguard to use Crescent Knives, the second being Rhino.

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