Bosun is the fourth bodyguard of Wasp. He is one of Wasp's henchmens. He uses Glaive. Bosun wears a brown, sleeveless shirt and pants and golden wrist guards.

Quotes Edit

  • I saw you deal with that mutineer bilge rat Kraken. You know, Wasp could use a warrior like you. - After Kraken is defeated
  • Deal with the rest of those New Blood fools and the captain will make you rich!
  • So, you've dealt with the mutineers and have come for your reward?
  • Wasp was going to give you an audience until she saw you with that petty profiteer Sly! He's been selling weapons to New Blood! - Before battling him
  • We stand to lose this war because of the likes of you. Brothers killing brothers, and you profit from their suffering. You won't leave this city alive! - After defeated

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the three bodyguards in the game to use a glaive-type weapon. The second one is General, who wields a unique type of glaive, and the third one is Emperor, who wields Cobra's Tooth.