A Boss Battle in Shadow Fight 2 is the climatic battle against the main antagonist of each Act, the demon bosses . The bosses (Lynx/Hermit/Butcher/Wasp/Widow/Shogun/Titan) are fought at the conclusion of every Act, once all of their bodyguards have been defeated in combat.

Boss battles are different to other battles. Special rules affect combat, and, apart from the enemy being exceptionally powerful, they will also have unique and powerful abilities, combat advantages and perks.

Rules Edit

In a boss battle, three rounds must be won in order for the winner to be declared. There is a total of five rounds that can be fought. The timer for each battle is 99 seconds, as per usual conditions.

Boss Abilities Edit

Boss abilities are a relatively new feature to Shadow Fight 2. Each boss in Shadow Fight 2 has a special power, that is used against your chacacter in combat.

  • Lynx may turn invisible.
  • Hermit may summon a character-seeking lightning rain.
  • Butcher may cause a shockwave by pummeling the ground.
  • Wasp may launch off either boundary of the battlefield, and fly.
  • Widow may teleport.
  • Shogun may call his bodyguards into battle.
  • Titan uses his recharging shield. All of Titan's equipment has special moves rather than the normal ones. 

Combat Advantages Edit

Technically, all bosses have some advantage over the player one way or another. However, these advantages are significant and refer to the enemy boss using attack in methods that are advanced for the player, but CAN be unlocked afterwards.

  • Lynx will use ranged weapons, when the player has not unlocked them yet.
  • Hermit will use magic, when the player has not unlocked it yet.
  • Titan can only be fought in impossible or insane mode, in which he will have extreme amounts of HP

In addition to these, all bosses have significantly higher damage tolerance and attack damage compared to bodyguards and tournament enemies.

Perks and Enchantments Edit

The player may obtain equipment with perks through purchasing Gem-exclusive gear, or through enchanting with Shadow Orbs . Therefore, the player may obtain perks of his own to balance the bosses' perks, though the bosses' perks are still an advantage because most often the player will use the non-enchanted Coins equipment.

  • Lynx perk: Invisibility, Poisoning and Time bomb
  • Hermit perk: Magic recharge, Enfeeble
  • Butcher perk: Bleeding, Frenzy
  • Wasp perk: Damage return, Precision
  • Widow perk: Life Steal, Regeneration.
  • Shogun perk: Damage absorption,Overheat.
  • Titan perk : Shield,Lifesteal,Enfeeble(Energy Orb)

Preferred Weapons Edit

  • Lynx: Lynx uses Claws.
  • Hermit: Hermit uses Swords.
  • Butcher: Butcher uses special Knives.
  • Wasp: Wasp uses a Naginata.
  • Widow: Widow uses Fans.
  • Shogun: Shogun uses a Daisho/Katana
  • Titan: Titan uses a Desolator.

Preferred Magic Edit

  • Lynx: Lynx uses Force Wave
  • Hermit: Hermit uses Lightning Arrow and Water Ball
  • Butcher: Butcher uses Fire Ball, Dark Blast and Dark Implosion.
  • Wasp: Wasp uses Lightning Arrow, Dark Implosion and Fire Pillar.
  • Widow: Widow uses Energy Ball, Ice Ball and Ice Pillar.
  • Shogun uses Fire Ball, Fire Pillar and Asteroid.
  • Titan uses Mind Throw.

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