• Warrior Of Time

    Below are the list of some upcoming equipments and miscellaneous things in Shadow Fight 3. They are currently unavailable for the players, although some opponents can be seen wielding some of the weapons or utilizing some of the moves. They are nameless and are of an unknown rarity as of the moment; therefore the description of the images are subject to changes.

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  • Su712

    Wiki To-Do List 2018

    April 15, 2018 by Su712

    Hello, I decided to make this into a blog instead of a private to-do list so that anyone who wishes to help out knows which all areas on the Wiki currently need our most attention. I'll be updating this list often as new requirements are added/removed so do keep checking back to see what's new!

    There isn't anything to be done here since the game has been discontinued, and we have already updated and archived most of our pages as best as possible with the limited amount of information we had.

    • Proofreed existing articles for any grammatical or format-related issues (LOW priority).
    • Upload missing images for the Underworld boss fights and Bodyguard fights. (Roughly 10-15 images per page are required, if possible, showing the enemy's dialogues, us…

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  • Bobcena777

    What's the best weapon in shadow fight 3???

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  • Su712

    Figured I'd do a blog this time instead of an announcement since these rarely get used xD

    Now straightaway on to the topic:

    As was discussed (quite) a while back, since many of our SF1 pages are stubs of no more than a few lines, we are going to combine as many of them as possible. Basically at this point, since the game has been discontinued, there is little chance that further content or new pages regarding SF1 will be added. Frankly, it will serve little purpose anyway. So for now our main job in this respect is to simply get rid of stub and bad articles so that these pages can be "archived" in a sense.

    Now last month I went through most of the SF1 pages, fixing grammar and syntactic errors on many, so all that is left to do now is to get …

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  • XFIR0


    January 16, 2018 by XFIR0

    Hello Every time I open shadow fight 2 I need to download the files again it is 109 mb Can any one tell me how to solve this problem cuz my net speed is 1mbps

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  • Hive Bee

    Shadow News!

    September 2, 2017 by Hive Bee

    I used to play that game a lot. I don't even remember most of the things but it entertained me so well. I had too much fun playing it me and my friends challenged each others at facebook.

    Wow! For Good old days sake, go and play Shadow Fight 1 on facebook. It made me remember

    good and old memories. :)   And Shadow Fight 1 now will give you 9k Rubies as a Farewell gift. Now nice, Nekki! R.I.P SHADOW FIGHT 1Hive Bee (talk) 21:59, September 2, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Tribound

    The series won't continue for now. It has been a long time since I last made the previous Q Answered. Also, add school to the mix. So, expect no Q Answered for now.

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  • TC Hiper

    Hi everyone. I'm Hiper. Today, I will tell to yours about "How I can get The Demons' weapons with max level?" Read correctly this is very important. Because I will tell the easiest way. This will awesome tactic for new players in Shadow Fight 2.

    Step 1: When yours defeated the Demons, don't play again for the Demons' weapons in Eclipse Mode. If yours defeat them again, yours will need re-enchant and upgrade with gem them. This isn't easy.

    Step 2: Play story full and reach max level (Level 52).

    Step 3: When yours reached max level, start defeating the Demons' in Eclipse Mode now. 😉

    Step 4: After defeated all them, enjoy with the Demons' weapons with max level. 😃

    I think, that's the best tactic for defeat Titan in story's final chapter. Enjoy! 😉

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  • Asif123patel

    When you win the gates of shadow you are ready to close the gate and all the demon but....for closing the gate you want someone another and then the may is ready for close the door with you but then a video played and in this video the may has been kidnaped and a the new demon named titan arrieved he smile at you and the video over now the may was kidnaped and the door was have to open the door once again and rescue the may....for open the gates once again you have to fight with all demons once again play all tournament and chalenges once again...but this time you defeat all demon with ther bodygurds like survivel all the bodygurds are in order and then demon...fortunatly you have to deafeat the demon and bodyguard only onc…

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  • Asif123patel

    gates of shadows

    June 9, 2017 by Asif123patel

    The gates of shadows is the one of most difficult fight in shadow fight 2 it's unlock when you defeat shogun and then you reached level 37 and unlock three new weapon and one armer and helm also.....gates of shadow is difficult at first try but when you upgrad your all equpment to last stage and enchant some of this you will be win easily.....and for those player who don't unlock the monk set till gates of shadow it's a golden chance for them if they unlock monk set now they will get an awesome enchantment with each gear with full of power and then upgrad it to last stage and you will win gates of shadow so easily and if you fight gates of shadow in eclips you will get a good amount of red orbs and green orb...with this orbs you can ench…

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  • Su712

    (Disclaimer: The following blog is based on the beta version of the game. All information and screenshots provided are subject to change before the final release).

    Touted as a "nail-biting mix of RPG and classic fighting action" Shadow Fight 3 is an upcoming sequel to Nekki's smash hit game Shadow Fight 2. On 29th March of this year Nekki announced that a closed beta test of the game will soon be underway. According to a post on their Facebook page more than 100,000 people registered for the beta-test. The first wave of beta-testing was launched on April 27th, 2017. I was selected as a tester during the second wave which began on May 11th. Below is my (rather long) description of the game to give you an idea of what to expect from it in the …

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  • Hasan 45tt

    Hey guys!

    Unfortunaley I can't buy some items with my gems. There it says that I haven't got enough items although i've got.

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  • PartialDroid007


    March 26, 2017 by PartialDroid007
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  • PartialDroid007


    March 26, 2017 by PartialDroid007
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  • Yarikepta

    shadow fight

    March 13, 2017 by Yarikepta
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  • Su712

    This is a very simple tutorial to find your username in Shadow Fight 2 Raids/Underworld multiplayer mode on Android and iOS. I'm putting this here because a lot of people seem to be having trouble accessing the option in-game. So without further ado, here it is:

    You must be at least level 5 (defeating Lynx should do the trick) before you can access the Underworld.

    1. Make sure you are connected to the internet before opening Shadow Fight 2.

    2. Once the game loads up navigate to the World Map from the drop down menu on the left.

    3. Tap the Underworld icon at the bottom right of the screen (see picture).

    4. Give it some time. The game will now download your configuration and online progress. Depending on your internet connection it can take anywh…

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  • Shadowshroom

    Which bodyguard is your favorite? Vote BELOW! Have fun :)


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  • Shadowshroom

    Shadow fight 3?

    January 7, 2017 by Shadowshroom

    So are you guys excited about Shadow Fight 3? And what do you think it's going to look like? Answer in the comments below. Share it with the community!

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  • ShadowFazeGaming

    The Strongest Shadow fight weapon is every weapon It doesnt matter about its power or enchantments you can upgrade your weapon to even the last weapon in the game like me with the krises SO THERE IS NO BEST WEAPON my friend beat titan with the knives

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  • Shadow Master333

    Here i wil share with everyone how to make the game easier.

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  • Titan Official

    Shadow Fight 3

    May 21, 2016 by Titan Official

    Hey,guys!I saw the Shadow Fight 3 trailer and i can't wait until the game will appear.The graphics are better and Shadow is a characters looks like normal mans.I think that warrior who wields that big dadao is a new boss who will appear in Shadow Fight 3

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  • Tribound

    Q Answered 2: Raids

    May 18, 2016 by Tribound

    As always, if you have any questions that you can ask me, leave it down in the comments below. The maximum number of questions per comment is 2.

    Anyways, this post will be covering the new RAIDS update!

    What weapons are useful for the raids? You can use any weapon that you are comfortable using with.

    Do my keys regenerate? Yes. After a season, you will earn 5 Volcano keys.

    What is DAN? DAN is like a ranking system for games

    What is the limit for DAN? You can reach up to DAN 4. Instead of recieving DAN promotion and chests, you get a chest instead.

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  • Tribound

    If you want your question to be featured in the next Q Answered, leave it down in the comments below. Anyways, this Q Answered post will be covering some of the most commonly asked ECLIPSE questions.

    How do I turn on Eclipse? To turn on Eclipse, tap the Sun which is on the top right corner of the map. If you do not see it there, wait until Sensei tells you about the Eclipse. Otherwise, if you still don't see it there and Sensei already told you about it, I'm sorry but I have no answer to that.

    Can I recieve Titan's Desolator when I defeat him in Eclipse? No, defeating Titan in eclipse won't give you his Desolator. Currently there is no legit way of earning the Desolator but hackers hack the game to get his weapon and sometimes all the equipm…

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  • Tribound

    I am starting a Q&A series which will answer your Shadow Fight 2 questions. However, I do not entertain Shadow Fight 1 questions because I never played it before. If one question is a great and special one, that question will have its own blog post while short questions will be bundled by 4 every blog post. So ask your questions now down the comments and I might feature it in the next Q Answered post! Right now, I will be entertaining 3 of the most commonly asked questions...stay tuned!

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  • Holasoyeltroll


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  • Star mech

    Practicing Problem

    March 14, 2016 by Star mech

    I haven't met Kid in Shadow Fight 2 . I'm on defeating Wasp. When will he (kid) come ? I haven't met him before. Is it a bug ?

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  • Shadowshroom

    Poll: Boss

    January 27, 2016 by Shadowshroom

    WHo is your favorite? have fun!

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  • Young amethyst

    1.The fist one is the composite sword its the most strongest weapon in shadow fight 2 it deal more that 10-15% of damage to titan

    2.Mowers the most fastest weapon in shadow fight 2 it can deal 50% damage in the tornament and bodygurds 

    3.Hermit's Swords this weapon can deal 30-50%of damage even instant kill whene frenzy on

    4.Blood Reaper this weapon can deal enemys in far or short distance even instant kill whene frenzy is on on the head

    5.Daisho this is the weapon is a double enchantment weapon this can deal 50-100% damage to enemy but the price is very high 

    I hope this help all shadow fight player the most power full weapons in the chadow fight

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  • Su712

    This is going to be my list of troubleshooting steps you can follow in case your Shadow Fight 2  lags or crashes on the opening screen (Android only). The game suffers from several issues with coding and as such these problems are pretty common even for people with high-end devices.  If the error is due to a technical glitch then one of the following steps should help fix it, even if only temporarily. If it does not help then the only remaining option is to contact Nekki. 

    This list is by no means exhaustive. More steps will be added soon.  I have tested all them myself and they are perfectly safe as long as you follow the steps properly. 

    Probably the step most people have already followed but I'll list it here anyway.  Navigate to your dev…

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  • Justinkyle555


    December 20, 2015 by Justinkyle555

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  • FIaming Lord 4444

    If the makers of the game see this please do it this is the only thing i want in this game and i thing this is the best game on the app store and this is what i think volcano should look like. I personally think volcano should be weilding a huge molten greatsword that looks like it was made of lava and that could be earned like any other bosses, beating them in eclipse mode, and i think the forward + attack combo would be cool if he were to slice down than slice up than slide right than slice to the left right where his neck it. So that is what i think volcano should be like and if you suppout this please tell me in the comments

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  • DrEggman1026

    I'll Show You A List Of My Top 10 Most/Least Favorite/Hated Characters in Shadow Fight 2:

    10. Shroud

    9. All Incubator Fighters

    8. Every Fighter Wielding The Last Coin Weapon Of That Act

    7. All Of Shogun's & Titan's Bodyguards

    6. All Fighters Coming To Offer A Weapon

    5. All Hideout Competitors

    4. Cronos And His Looters

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  • DrEggman1026

    Do you think this picture is funny?

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  • DrEggman1026

    What do you think these characters are better?

    Post your favorite character in the comments box!

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  • TheStrunks

    volcano ideas

    November 5, 2015 by TheStrunks

    1. seven pronged sword and panabas

    Seven pronged sword- mephisto's sawblade function

    Panabas-same as swords, only atack frenzy differs, that of butcher's cleavers

    urumi- same as composite sword 

    2. Armor

    Choices- Ominpotent shroud, Heroic cuirass or creation mantle


    Masters Helm, Ascended helm

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  • TheStrunks

    Personally, I think Capra is SUPER fustrating because he will never give you a chance to attack, and he did lots of damage. to defeat him, I tried so many times, even with dat magari yari.



    the labyrs look epic with high damge, and a fast speed.

    9. Butterfly Knives

    thses look awesome, and have good moves that score lots of head hits and criticals 

    8.Hermit's Jian 

    hermit's sabers will never give your opponent a chance to attack, and they have enfeeble.

    7. nunchaku

    these are easy to use, and have a perfect strong slash. Most importantly, most attacks are multi hits, so these do lots of damage

    6. Swords/moon sabers

    these are fast and high damage dealing, with lots of head hits

    5. Dadao

    this weapon does TONS of damage, and looks epic

    4. …

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  • DrEggman1026

    Here's a list of unadded images in Shadow Fight 2 files:

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  • DrEggman1026

    Hi, I'm planning to do an evil counterpart of Shadow. What image editing software should I use and how?

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  • DrEggman1026


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  • DrEggman1026

    Hey everyone, I have some important news, for those who can't see a demon boss during Eclipse, double-tap the boss in normal mode, hope this fixed the issue.

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  • DrEggman1026

    Which fighter you would like to be eliminated?

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  • DrEggman1026

    Which fighter you would like to be eliminated?

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  • DrEggman1026

    1. Titan has no special attack. True/False.

    2. Can you guess this character's name?

    10. Complete the following word:

    You ___ focus! __ attention now and try ___.

    Post your answers in the comment box. Good luck!


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  • DrEggman1026

    About May's old look

    September 24, 2015 by DrEggman1026

    How can you describe me May's old look:

    Thanks and don't forget to leave a comment on my Message Wall!

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  • DrEggman1026

    Here are my wishes for Shadow Fight 2:

    -Saw Blade: Used by Mephisto. Unlocked at level 53.

    -Triangle Knives: Used by Thorn and one Ninja. Unlocked at level 54.

    -Kunai (weapon): Used by Shin and one Ninja. Unlocked at level 54. 67 Gems. Precision.

    -Major's Curved Swords: Used by Major. Unlocked at level 55.

    -Mercenary 4's Claws: Used by the fourth mercenary. Unlocked at level 56.

    -Mercenary 5's Axes; Used by the fifth mercenary. Unlocked at level 57.

    -Corporal's Magari Yari: Used by Corporal. Unlocked at level 57. 220 Gems. Overheat.

    -Captain's Heavy Katana: Used by Captain. Unlocked at level 58.

    -Two-handed Spiked Cudgel: Used by Bonebreaker and his Ninja counterpart. Unlocked at level 59.

    -Guan Dao: Used by Colonel. Unlocked at level 60.

    -General's …

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  • DrEggman1026

    Daily quiz: 11/09/15

    September 11, 2015 by DrEggman1026

    1. The Daisho has 2 enchantments. True/False.

    2. Widow uses Fire Pillar. True/False

    3. Titan has no ranged weapon and magic. True/False.

    4. Shogun is the 5th demon boss in shadow fight 2. True/False.

    5. What recipe does the Weakness belong to? Simple/Medium?

    6. Levels 1-3 are tutorial levels. True/False.

    7. Levels 4-52 are tutorial levels. True/False.

    8. Enchantments are available on Gem equipments. True/False.

    9. What is the coin price for Coral Prickles (210 gems) X coins.

    10. What is the gem price for Knives (50 coins) X gems.

    Post your answers in the comment box. Good luck!

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  • DrEggman1026

    Daily quiz: 09/09/15

    September 9, 2015 by DrEggman1026

    1. The Ice Ball is an unlockable magic. True/False.

    2. Rabid Tonfas are unlockable through in-app purchase. True/False.

    3. Butcher uses Bloodrage. True/False.

    4. What recipe is the Critical Protection part of? Simple/Medium.

    5. Trickster is met at level 3. True/False.

    6. What is the coin price for Daisho (350 Gems)? X coins.

    7. Widow uses Energy Ball. True/False.

    8. The Triangle Knives is an unlockable weapon. True/False.

    9. Wasp has no special ability. True/False.

    10. What is the gem price for Maces? X gems.

    Post your answers in the comment box. Good luck!

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  • DrEggman1026

    Daily quiz: 08/09/15

    September 8, 2015 by DrEggman1026

    1. What is the coin price for Ninja Sword (33 gems)? X coins.

    2. Ranged weapons are unlocked in Act I. True/False.

    3. Shogun uses Damage Absorption. True/False.

    4. What is the gem price for Krises? X gems.

    5. After upgrading an enchanted weapon, will the enchantment chance be upgraded too? True/False.

    6. Hermit uses Force Wave. True/False.

    7. To unlock Mythical Recipe, does the Monk Set have to be collected? True/False.

    8. Lynx uses Assassin's Kunai. True/False.

    9. Bonebreaker is encountered in the interlude. True/False.

    10. Wasp uses Rejuvenation. True/False.

    Post your answers in the comment box. Good luck!

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  • Master Shadow 12

    What do you think about titan fight, was it as you expected?

    I was hoping that we would have last battle with titan in the gates of shadows,along with all other demons,like SF1 I also thought that titan could use powerful laser attack as he holds in his hand

    I think titans is still cool with is own abilites.His abilites are making it harder and more enjoyable

    But i was waiting that cinematic should include Kali chyper thanking shadow and shadow goes throught gates as people in shadowlands watching shadow. Really cinematic  would  be better as longer with explaning more characters. 

    Afterall everything was good, but could be better though.

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  • Uoassim.aali

    • Rabid Tonfas (only obtainable through in-app purchase)
    • Nunchaku (won from Trickster, the Act I Challenger)
    • Knives
    • Knuckles
    • Sais
    • Steel Batons
    • Machetes
    • Ninja Sword
    • Daggers
    • Blood Reaper

    • Naginata (won from Hawk, the Act II Challenger)
    • Crescent Knives
    • Tonfas
    • Staff
    • Krises
    • Harrier Hooks
    • Swords
    • Shuang Gou
    • Steel Nunchaku
    • The Sting

    • Katana (won from Rose, the Act III Challenger)
    • Stilettos
    • Heavy Staff
    • Axes
    • Steel Claws
    • Devastator
    • Oriental Sabers
    • Big Swords
    • Yari

    • Wanderer's Staff  (won from Fisher, the Act IV Challenger)
    • Butterfly Swords
    • Labryses
    • Golden Katana
    • Maces
    • Pharaoh's Khopeshes
    • Glaive
    • Two-handed Cudgel
    • Kusarigama

    • Heavy Kusarigama (won from Outcast, the Act V Challenger)
    • Sickles
    • Moon Sabers
    • Two-handed Mace
    • Magari Yari
    • Staff of Night
    • Dadao
    • Silver Glaive
    • Battle Hammer

    • Ronin's Dadao (won from Ron…

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