Blaster Tonfas are a super weapon unlocked at level 46 in Shadow Fight 2. It is the last weapon unlocked at the chapter 1 of Act VII: Revelation, along with Fretsaw. Blaster Tonfas shoot a pair of energy missiles as the weapon's super slash. The missile works similar to Ranged Weapons, but has higher damage than most ranged weapons. The missile is not categorized as a weapon, ranged weapon or magic; thus, it does not follow any enchantments on any piece of equipment used. The mini-bosses Cronos and May wield this weapon.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Tonfa Slash: Wielder jabs a Tonfa forward.
  •  Tonfa Double Slash: Wielder jabs a Tonfa forward, then steps forward as he jabs the other Tonfa forward.
  •  Tonfa Strong Slash: Wielder holds a Tonfa's stick, then steps forward and swings the handle forward at a downward angle.
  • Blasters Shot: The super slash of Blaster Tonfas. Character lifts up both of his hands, then fires a pair of energy missiles. The missiles can be blocked.
  •  Tonfa Spinning Slash: Wielder pivots on one foot and swings a Tonfa horizontally.
  •  Tonfa Upper Slash: Wielder steps forward, bends down, and swings a Tonfa vertically.
  •  Tonfa Low Slash: Wielder bends forward and swings a Tonfa's handle horizontally.
Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Tonfa Slash 8 Punch
Tonfa Double Slash 8
Punch, Punch
Tonfa Strong Slash 10 Forward+Punch
Blasters Shot 10 Forward+Punch, Punch
Tonfa Spinning Slash 12 Backward+Punch
Tonfa Upper Slash 12 Up+Punch
Tonfa Low Slash 12 Down+Punch

Trivia Edit

  • Despite it seems that the weapon shoots a pair of missiles, it is actually a single missile (only one hit is registered by the game).
  • Blaster Tonfas are one of the three weapons in the game that shoot projectiles as super slash. The other weapons are Cobra's Tooth and Plasma Rifle.