Bear is Widow's fourth bodyguard. He is one of the men that have been charmed by Widow. His weapon is Heavy Hammer; it has a similar appearance to Northern Hammer, but works like DadaoHe is a bulky, strong and muscular man with a scar on his face that runs through his left eye. He wears brown fur-lined clothing and has brown hair and a beard.


  • You'll go no farther. Widow has chosen me as her favored watchdog, and I am to stop anyone from coming to see her. Prepare to feel my fists! - Bear challenges the player
  • She has a strange power over men, beyond her beauty - it's magic! I can't resist, but I see her true nature. - After defeating him
  • She is cruel and evil. I'm begging you: free me from this misery!


  • Bear is one of several bodyguards in the game to use an unobtainable weapon. The other ones are Shin from Act I, Puma, the bodyguard after him, and Shogun's bodyguards from Act VI.
  • His name is based upon an animal of cold regions, like all Widow's bodyguards.