Battle Hammers
[Battle Hammers]
Weapon battle hammers
No Enchantment
Star30 Shop
Base Stats
Weapon attack729 Critical chanceN/A
Gold 2,740,000 Ruby 83
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby 79 Weapon attack+7
Regular Upgrade
Ruby 9 Weapon attack+6

Battle Hammers are a weapon from Act V in Shadow Fight 2. It is unlocked at level 30, along with Harbinger Sai. Battle Hammers funtions like the Steel Batons, but with a different super slash. They are used by the fighter Gypsy and her Ninja counterpart.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Batons Slash: The character bends forward and swings a hammer downward.
  • Batons Double Slash: The character bends forward, swings a hammer downward, then swings the other hammer horizontally.
  • Batons Strong Slash: The character steps forward and swings a hammer downward.
  • Battle Hammers Super Slash: The character charges forward as they swings both hammers horizontally twice, pivots on one foot and then slams both hammers into the ground.
  • Batons Spinning Slash: The character pivots on one foot and swings a hammer horizontally.
  • Batons Upper Slash: The character bends forward and swings a hammer upward.
  • Batons Low Slash: The character bends forward and swings a hammer horizontally at a downward angle.

Usage and Metagame Edit

The Battle Hammers' main strength are its quick attack speed and its high tendency to knock opponents off their feet or shock them. This makes it into an effective combo-/rushdown-type weapon, capitalizing on its speed to barrage the opponent with concussive blows.

Their main weakness is their low range. Most of its moves cannot reach very far and are therefore quite susceptible to being outranged or hit by missiles. Therefore, players using the Battle Hammers must learn to quickly move after the opponent retreats to continue to bash their head out.

As seen in their usage by players, these are the primary roles of each of the Battle Hammers' moves. Note that this is subjective and does not mean that any other method of using the Battle Hammers is ineffective or incorrect.

  • Combo Moves: Batons Slash, Batons Double Slash, Battle Hammers Super Slash, Batons Spinning Slash, Batons Low Slash
  • Primary Damage-Dealers: Battle Hammers Super Slash, Batons Spinning Slash
  • Defensive Moves: Batons Spinning Slash, Batons Low Slash, Batons Upper Slash

The Battle Hammers are not as common a sight as Monk's Katars or Kusarigamas, but they still have a large audience nonetheless. Use of this weapon is often justified by its potent combo potential that allows it to easily rack up damage in short amounts of time.

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