Asteroid is a magic in Shadow Fight 2. It is unlocked at level 33 in Act VI: Iron Reign, and can only be purchased with gems. Asteroid is used by Shogun (after losing twice and at the Gates of Shadows and during the Interlude), and by some fighters during the Interlude. It is also used by the Eternal Hoaxen.

Description Edit

Asteroid is a unique magic, that doesn't share its animation with any other magic attack in the game. It is the first magic that has its attack descent from the sky.

The user raises both hands to the air, and then slams their hands to the ground. Shortly after, a small asteroid falls from the sky and smashes the enemy, followed by a much larger, heavier-hitting asteroid. The magic, although powerful, requires precise aim as it can be easily dodged. The power of the big asteroid often makes the enemy fly into the air; very few magic pack the power to do that. Once the magic is deployed, the asteroids will still be launched even if the user get interrupted during the deployment. The small asteroid deals 15 damage, the large asteroid deals 30 damage, and the impact from the large asteroid deals 10 damage.