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is one of the four types of equipment that are available in Shadow Fight 3, along with weapon, helm, and ranged weapon. Armor reduces the damage dealt to the body and increases the power of unarmed attacks (punches, kicks, and throws). Armor also defines the fighting style of a character.

Armors are classified based on their rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Armors with higher rarity are stronger and come with more slots. All armors, except for the Common armors, come with Shadow Ability.

Armors can be bought from the store. Otherwise, they can be obtained from chests won in duels, booster packs, or looted from defeated opponents. If the players receive an armor that already owned, a part of an upgrade bar will fill up. When the upgrade bar fully filled up, the armor will be upgraded, and a number of Shadow Energy will be given. Better chests and booster packs may contain armors with higher rarity. As for the drops from opponents, the players may obtain armors with random rarity; it is possible to get an armor with Epic or Legendary rarity, but the chance is small.


Bulky armors with strong moves. These armors limits movements, but compensated by their high defense. Introduced in Chapter I.

Name Picture Rarity Shadow ability Chapter Slot(s)
Training Uniform
Arm str 12
Common N/A 1
Rogue's Doublet
Arm str 14
Common N/A 1
Mountaineer's Doublet
Arm str 02
Common N/A 1
Purist's Plates Common N/A 1
Belted Cuirass Common N/A 1
Elder's Robe Common N/A 1
Bedrock Armor
Arm str 05
Rare Ram 2
Reinforced Coat
Arm str 03
Rare Ram 2
Scout's Jacket
Arm str 04
Rare Ram 2
Hunter‘s Woolfell Rare Ram 2
Marauder's Breastplate Rare Ram 2
Guard's Uniform Rare Ram 2
Laminar Cuirass
Arm str 15
Epic Spikes 3
Kagun's Woolfell
Arm str 13
Epic Spikes 3
Swamper's Camouflage
Arm str 17
Epic Thud 3
Lupine Plate Epic Spikes 3
Mariner's Coat
Arm str 24
Epic Spikes 3
Arm str 27
Epic Spikes 3
Warlord's Plates
Arm str 07
Legendary Spikes 3
Lion's Pride
Arm str 16
Legendary Thud 3
Liquidator's Hardshell
Arm str 10
Legendary Thud 3
Valor's Might Legendary Thud 3
Divine Retribution Legendary Thud 3
Dogma Legendary Thud 3


Lightweight armors with swift moves and plenty of combo. Introduced in Chapter II.

Name Picture Rarity Shadow ability Chapter Slot(s)
Plain Waistcoat
Arm agl 08
Common N/A 1
Peasant Breastplate
Arm agl 13
Common N/A 1
Embroidered Suit
Arm agl 09
Common N/A 1
Monk's Wrap Common N/A 1
Ritual Armor Common N/A 1
Gladiator Armor Common N/A 1
Gilded Vest
Arm agl 01
Rare Shift 2
Padded Vest
Arm agl 05
Rare Shift 2
Recruit's Doublet
Arm agl 10
Rare Shift 2
Rebel's Overcoat Rare Shift 2
Sea Devil's Doublet Rare Shift 2
Fur-lined Cloth Rare Shift 2
Dragon Jacket
Arm agl 04
Epic Peg-Top 3
Inwrought Armor
Arm agl 12
Epic Peg-Top 3
Prefect's Robe
Arm agl 11
Epic Peg-Top 3
Fine Raiment Epic Peg-Top 3
Sea Guard Plates Epic Peg-Top 3
Revolution Epic Peg-Top 3
Guard's Armor
Arm agl 06
Legendary Peg-Top 3
Three Arrows' Glory
Arm agl 07
Legendary Peg-Top 3
Demon Ward
Arm agl 14
Legendary Peg-Top 3
Kraken's Eye Legendary Peg-Top 3
Wings of Reign Legendary Peg-Top 3
Northern Lights Legendary Peg-Top 3


Highly advanced armors with precise moves. Introduced in Chapter III.

Name Picture Rarity Shadow ability Chapter Slot(s)
Cinder Coat
Arm prc 03
Common N/A 1
Compression Suit
Arm prc 09
Common N/A 1
Initiate Kimono
Arm prc 08
Common N/A 1
Envoy's Plates Common N/A 1
Fine Leather Cloak Common N/A 1
Turquoise Coat Common N/A 1
Ebony Armor
Arm prc 06
Rare Blink 2
Enhanced Wrappings
Arm prc 12
Rare Blink 2
Arrowproof Vest
Arm prc 04
Rare Blink 2
Scavenger's Mail Rare Blink 2
Deepsea Plate Rare Blink 2
Robe of Silence Rare Blink 2
Feldsher's Uniform
Arm prc 17
Epic Blast 3
Thick Plackart
Arm prc 07
Epic Blast 3
Ghost Doublet
Arm prc 14
Epic Blast 3
Heralds' Raiment Epic Blast 3
Volcanic Armor Epic Blast 3
Saccadic Masking Epic Blast 3
Agony Gleam
Arm prc 10
Legendary Blast 3
Shadowdiving Suit
Arm prc 16
Legendary Blast 3
Final Judgement
Arm prc 15
Legendary Blast 3
ABL-12 Legendary Blast 3
Obscure Jacket Legendary Blast 3
Detachment Legendary Blast 3

Special ArmorsEdit

Special armors are limited-time armors that can only be bought from the store with a special currency. They are only available during special events update. Once obtained, special armors will stay with the players even if the event is already over. Their rarity are classified as Unique (comparable to Legendary) and comes with 3 slots.

Name Faction Picture Event Shadow ability Price
Monkey King Outfit Dynasty
Arm monkey king
Lunar New Year Peg-Top 1,800 Lunar Tokens
Sanguine Cowl Legion
Arm str 19
Sanguine Forest Thud 1,100 Trophies
Sakura Phantom Heralds
Arm sakura
Blossom Festival Blast 1,300 Trophies
Frozen Dragon Dynasty
Arm frozen dragon
Dragon Lesson Peg-Top 1,300 Trophies
Crimson Thirst Legion Creepy Party Thud 1,300 Trophies


  • The Critical chance for bare-handed moves is 8%, regardless of the armor equipped (if any) or the fighting style utilized.
  • The player will assume the fighting style of the Legion faction if they do not have an armor equipped.
  • Legion armors does not allow the character to perform wall jump.
  • Some armors of a faction have different fighting stance than their counterpart. Examples are the Legion armors with heavy gloves (like Laminar Cuirass), or certain Dynasty armors (like Recruit's Doublet).

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