Arkhos is the sixth Eternal and the second boss encountered in Underworld Tier 2. He is one of the three bosses of the second floor (Along with Fatum and Hoaxen). Arkhos has a shield of 9600 points which has to be destroyed in 8 minutes and 10 seconds by six players before they can finish him. The players must reach Dan 5 before they can challenge him. He wields The Sting as his weapon and fights with him carry random rules.

The players can obtain the keys to fight him by defeating Fatum. If the players does not have any Arkhos keys, they can buy one key for 100 gems.

In battle, Arkhos is very aggressive. His speed is very high and his attacks can reach a considerable range. He can easily take away players' health with his attacks. Arkhos is immune to the Stun enchantment.

After the fight with him, Arkhos will mentions the one that rules over the Eternals. If the players loses, he will threaten the player by saying that he will report their failure to the Creator. After he is defeated, he asks why the Creator has forsaken him, for he have failed him again.


In order to challenge Arkhos, players require:

  • 1 Key5
  • Dan 5

Possible rules: Edit

  • No Blocks
  • No Double Strikes
  • No Kicks

Perks and Enchantments Edit

  • Rat Wave

Arkhos has the ability to summon a wave of rats that will travel the ground to damage the player. The wave works similar to Dark Implosion magic. Player can avoid the wave by jumping, or they can prevent Arkhos from using it by either attacking him while he trying to summon the wave or staying close to him. It is counted as a magic attack, therefore it does not deal head hit or critical damage.

  • Cobra IconCobra

A chance that during first 3 seconds of a round Arkhos' First Strike would reduce player's health by 20%.

  • Helm Breaker IconHelmBreaker

A chance to increase Arkhos' Head Hit damage for 5 seconds after dealing a Head Hit.

  • Pain Rage IconPainRage

A chance to increase damage for 8 seconds after receiving a Head Hit.

  • Block Breaker IconBlockBreaker

A chance to bypass player's block.

  • PoisoningEnchantmentIntoxication

Arkhos' weapon is enchanted with poisoning, this will cause the player to start to lose 3% health per second over 5 seconds after being hit.

  • PrecisionEnchantmentCriticalChance

Arkhos' Ranged Weapons is enchanted with Precision, allowing him to make a Critical Hit with increased damage.

  • BleedingEnchantmentBleeding

Arkhos' magic is enchanted with bleeding, this will cause the player to start to lose 3.4% health per second over 5 seconds after being hit.

Rewards Edit

Defeating Arkhos will reward the players with Hoaxen Key. They may receive additional rewards such as Charges of Darkness or the Keys for Vortex or Fatum. The player will also receive 40 Coins of Love (in the current 2018 Valentine event) and have a chance to get a Large Charge of Darkness if they can get to the first place. Players have a chance to receive one of the rewards listed below.

1st PlaceEdit

2nd-9th PlaceEdit

Quotes Edit

  • Blind fanatics! You remember me and feed me with your faith in the Father. A parent can be strict, and you'll accept my punishment with gratitude... - Arkhos' first words
  • Wrong, old man. I have some hard iron for the refractory children, too. You will be praying me to let you join the family... but I shall be implacable. - In response to Sensei's warning
  • Black sheep, you are unworthy of a place by my side. Begone! I shall send word to the Creator of how you men have failed again, and he shall feed my children. - If the player is defeated
  • Whom shall I worship in this last hour of mine? O Creator, why hast thou forsaken me? Thou gave me power to lead them, but I have failed thee... again. - Arkhos is defeated
  • I can see without foresight that the fire of faith shall burn both the weak and the blind. I have brought black candles to allow all to see this as clearly as I do! - Halloween 2017 update


Trivia Edit

  • Arkhos is one of the few Underworld bosses to have enchantments on his equipment (the others being Vortex and Hoaxen).