Ambassador is an antagonist character in Shadow Fight 3. He is an authorized man with diplomatic immunity from Legion, sent by the faction to bring the player back to the Legion.

Storyline Edit

After Sarge's defeat, the Legion sends their Ambassador to bring back the player to the Legion. He is allowed to use force if the player refuses.

Ambassador arrived at Ling's place, where he asks him the player's whereabouts. Ling has no choice but informs the player about this. Ambassador forces the player to go with him, but the player fights back, and he/she defeats the Ambassador. Ambassador blames the Dynasty for attacking the Legion first, even though June desperately says otherwise. He tells them that Legion has prepared to purify all of their Shadow energy.

After the Hundred School Tournament is over, Ambassador questions the Emperor's lack of presence. June tries to cover up his disappearance by telling Ambassador to speak with the heir of the throne instead, which is June herself. However, Ambassador does not believe June's claim that she is the Emperor's daughter. Later, Ambassador decides to send the Legion's soldiers to invade the Dynasty, starting a war.

According to Itu's informations, Ambassador may have somehow involved in the Emperor's disappearance and Deng Rao's attack to the Legion. Kibo herself also states that the Ambassador is scared of Kibo and he tried to close her project.

During the attack of the Insusceptibles, he along with Deng Rao was fighting alongside. When he found his rival and his party, he upper-handed them except Marcus, due to him being a Legionary himself and unknowingly familiar with. After Marcus negotiatiates with him, he revealed that the leader offered a universal weapon at the meeting.

The Ambassador was mad at the player after defeating Timber Wolf, but was called by the leader of Insusceptibles

Quest FightEdit

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Ambassador fights the player as enemy in Chapter II, after the player defeat two opponents in Hundred School Tournament. He fights with the Legion fighting style, and utilizes two Shadow abilities. The player must win two rounds in order to win.

A simulated Ambassador also appears in the side quest “Buried in Oblivion“ stating that the player must find someone in the former squad as Shadow Squad was not the first one of it‘s kind in Legion. This makes Shibata smiles upon the Ambassador reaction.