Act V: the Greatest Temptation is the fifth act in Shadow Fight 2. It comprises 5 modes of play: Tournaments, Challenges, Storyline fights, Survival, and Duel.

Act V, The Greatest Temptation, is set in Widow's Town. Shadow needs to defeat 5th Demon, Widow, but there is something with Widow that affects men. She is a charmer, and is mesmerizing to all men. They would literally do anyhing for her, if they fell under her spell. However, Puma, the fifth and final bodyguard is a female, and claims she doesn't need a spell; all she wants is to make Widow achieve her dreams and ambitions.


The player must go through simple fights in 24 stages one by one with maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP. Takes place near volcano

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Various(1-24) Various 75.000    157.000-756.000 Coins       -

Challenge Edit

Challenges are unlocked after six stages of tournament, the player must go through fights with altered rules and conditions in 24 stages one by one with maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP. It takes place on destroyed village

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Various(1-24) Various 75.000     30.600-756.000 Coins       -

Boss FightsEdit

Main article: Widow

Shadow has to defeat Widow and her 5 bodyguards to collect the Orange seal. Shadow fights them outside Widow's palace. The track Shadow Lady plays.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Irbis Steel Batons 150,000  318,000  Coins     -
Wolf Swords 150,000  394,000 Coins     -
Capra Silver Spear 150,000  503,000 Coins     -
Bear Heavy Hammer 150,000  647,000 Coins     -
Puma Puma's Kusarigama 150,000   1,260,000 Coins     -
Widow Fans with enchantment "Lifesteal"

+ Ability "Teleportation"

750,000     3 Gems     Widow's Fans


In Survival the player must endure ten successive rounds consisting of simple fights. They are playable in every act from the beginning. Rewards include gold coins and very small amounts of XP. At the completion of round 10 the player is awarded the achievement Sole Survivor for the completion of Survival in Act V. It takes place on battlefield.


Duels are unlocked after defeat of two bodyguards of Widow. It has a maximum of rounds in every try; two of which are required to win. Rewards are 2 tickets and small XP. It has altered rules and conditions. It are only available to fight in every 4 hours and need internet connection. It takes place in snowy mountain.


Upon learning from Wasp that it was on Widow's advice that Wasp caused such mayhem, the party journeys on to Widow's lands.The area is torn with war and violence. Suddenly, Widow herself appears before the party. All members of the party except Shadow and May are attracted to her. Even Sensei feels attracted to her, but his years of martial training and discipline barred him from the attraction. Sly is completely infatuated, and buys precious jewels in a vain attempt to please her. Widow notes Shadow to be peculiar, and says she will keep an eye on them. May realises that the area they are in is full of corpses, describing it as a "slaughterhouse".

Then they venture upon Irbis, just one among the many who are madly in love with widow. He challenges Shadow to prove himself Widow's worthy suitor. A fight engages, but Irbis loses and comes out of his trance, dazed and goes away.Then the party encounters Wolf. Wolf explains that he and his brothers were out hunting, and Widow crossed their path. Wolf eliminated his two brothers in order to have a better chance with Widow. May states that the men (Widow's 'bodyguards') are only attacking because they have been charmed.

The party crosses paths with all of Widow's suitors: Capra, an elderly warrior who believes that his experience is the key, Bear, a self-proclaimed watchdog for Widow, and Puma, who isn't a suitor but more of Widow's assistant, who tries to force Shadow to be caught by Widow's charm. They also meet Outcast, a challenger armed with a Heavy Kusarigama. Shadow can choose to claim his weapon by defeating him, or ignore his challenge.

After Shadow overcomes Puma, the last of Widow's "bodyguards", the path to Widow is clear. Shadow, able to resist Widow's charm, engages her in combat. Widow proves to be tough just like all the other demons, being able to teleport and catch Shadow off guard. However, Shadow is ultimately victorious, and he claims Widow's seal.

The party then decides that they would not like to remain in Widow's province, for it is depressing and an uncomfortable place to be. The group continues their journey onward, to the samurai warrior and military commander Shogun in Ivory City.

Characters Introduced In Act VEdit

New Equipments And ItemsEdit

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