Act IV: Pirate Throne is the fourth act in Shadow Fight 2. Act IV comprises 4 modes of play. Tournaments, Storyline fights, Survival and Duel.

Act IV Sets in a town where Pirate King and his army lives. One day, the Pirate King suddenly disapppers. His daughter, the fourth Demon Wasp, becomes pirate queen. Shadow reaches this town with May and Sensei in order to defeat her after defeating Butcher.


The player must go through simple fights in 24 stages one by one with maximum of 3 rounds each, and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Various(1-24) Various 2.500    30.000-108.000 Coins       -

Challenge Edit

Challenges Unlocked after six stages of tournament. The player must go through fights with altered rules and conditions in 24 stages one by one with a maximum of 5 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Various(1-24) Various 2500     30.600-106.000 Coins       -

Boss FightsEdit

Main article: Wasp (SF2)

Shadow has to defeat Wasp and her 5 bodyguards to collect the Purple seal. Shadow battles them on a Boat.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Kraken Dadao 25000  61.800  Coins     -
Cleaver Big Swords 25000  70.600 Coins     -
Shark Krises 25000  97.600 Coins     -
Bosun Glaive 25000  121.000 Coins     -
Whaler Trident 25000   184.000 Coins     -
Wasp Naginata with enchantment "Precision"

+ Ability "Fly" (Makes an unstoppable attack while flying)

25000     3 Gems     Wasp's Naginata


At the completion of round 10 the player is awarded the achievement" Spelunker"

Completing one attempt at survival grants the player gold coins and a fixed amount of XP (does not change according to the amount of rounds won).


Duel is unlocked after defeating the two bodyguards of Wasp. It has a maximum of 3 rounds in every try unless otherwise stated by the rules; two of which are required to win. Rewards are 2 tickets and small XP. It has altered rules and conditions. It is only available to fight every 4 hours and needs an internet connection.


The companions catch up to Sly and board the ship with him. Sly is not pleased too see the trio again, but he allows them to sail with him. On the journey, Sensei asks Sly about the place where they are heading. Sly says that the Pirate King disappeared a while back, and now is daughter, Wasp, has succeeded him as the controller of the harbor. He mentions that it is rumored that Wasp wears a magical amulet which brings luck to the owner. May says that the amulet sounds similar to what they are looking for. Sly responds that getting to Wasp will not be easy, since she has gone into hiding as a result of being in some trouble. Sly then says that it his not his business, and apparently opts out of their company.

The trio meets Kraken, a supporter of New Blood, which is a small group composed of several members of Wasp's crew that are rebelling against her authority. Members of New Blood compose the majority of Wasp's crew; in fact, Bosun and Whaler are the only crew members loyal to Wasp. Kraken claims their ship in the name of New Blood, because he likes their ship. This leads to a fight between Shadow and Kraken. When Kraken is defeated, he taunts Shadow by questioning how far he will get. Bosun emerges, and says that Wasp could use a fighter like Shadow. He says that if Shadow takes care of the New Blood members, Wasp will make him rich.

Shadow meets another New Blood member, Cleaver. Cleaver is enraged about how Wasp took over after the Pirate King vanished. He accuses her of having something to do with his disappearance, and tells Shadow that he should not trust her. He then meets Shark after beating Cleaver. Shark assumes that Shadow was sent by Wasp's loyal henchmen, and says that she will defeat Shadow. However, when she is beaten, she says that strength and skill of his level belongs with New Blood. She accuses Shadow of supporting Wasp and her apparent lies.

Shadow then reaches Bosun, one of Wasp's loyal henchmen. He says that Wasp was on the verge of giving them attention until she caught Shadow in the company of Sly, who was selling weapons to New Blood. Sensei questions Sly, but Sly begs that they "help a friend out". So Shadow engages Bosun in combat. When Bosun is defeated, he says that it is because of people like Sly that they are losing the war against New Blood. Shadow reaches Whaler, the final henchman of Wasp. He says that he did a lot of work to keep her safe, and that Shadow is just "another mess to clean up". When Shadow defeats Whaler, Whaler insults Wasp and says that if the Pirate King were still around, no drama would be happening.

Shadow finally reaches Wasp. Wasp reveals that Shadow's actions (taking down New Blood) have been helping her all along. She reveals how thanks to him, she is now the only powerful member left, and thus no-one can compete with her now that all of those who oppose her have been defeated. Wasp fights Shadow, and it is a fierce battle. Wasp's enchanted armor is a hindrance to Shadow at the beginning, but he overcomes that. Shortly after, however, Shadow faces Wasp's completely unique ability. She leaps onto the wall, and a pair of wings sprout from her back. She then takes off, flying in a horizontal straight line, which is a deadly attack. However, despite all of Wasp's powers, Shadow emerges victorious.

Wasp realises the severity of what she has done. She realises that she has been blind and that her betrayal of The Pirate King was a terrible crime. She reveals that Widow had convinced her that by betraying The Pirate King, Wasp could make everyone bow to her and show that women should be the ones in charge, and not men. Wasp surrenders her seal to Shadow.

Sensei, interested by the information Wasp leaked about Widow, encourages Shadow and May to continue their journey and see if she is a worthy adversary.


Characters Introduced In Act IVEdit

New Equipment and ItemsEdit

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